Home Care Services: 5 Holiday Gifts Your Senior Parent Will Love

Home Care Services: It’s that time of the year again when your normal everyday stress will be replaced by the stress of trying to find the perfect holiday gifts for family and friends.

Buying holiday gifts for your senior parents can be very stressful because often they already have the things they need or want. Usually what they want the most is to spend time with you, which is not always feasible if you live far away. Home care services can be a big help with easing the stress by letting you know what might be a good gift.


Home Care Services in Folsom CA: Senior Gifts

Home Care Services in Folsom CA: Senior Gifts

Home Care Services: You can get rid of some of the holiday stress by getting your senior parents one or more of these useful and thoughtful holiday gifts:

-Senior Home Care

One of the best things that you can get for your senior parents is some regular senior home care. Senior home care providers can help your senior parents with household chores like laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, cooking meals, tidying up, medication management, and providing companionship and fun. A senior home care provider can work with your senior parents to make sure that they are safe and healthy at home which also gives you the gift of peace of mind when you know your senior parents are being cared for.

-Lawn Care Service

Cutting the lawn, weeding, raking leaves, and landscaping can all be very difficult for seniors to manage when they are aging in place. These jobs are often very physically taxing and might be too much for seniors who are struggling with health conditions. But they are jobs that need to get done. You can hire a lawn care service for your senior parents that will come on a regular schedule to keep the outside of your parent’s home looking tidy and neat throughout the year.

-Household Repairs

A thoughtful gift for seniors who are aging in place is the gift of a contractor’s services or a major household repair that needs to be done. Maybe the windows on your parent’s home need to be replaced or they need a new water heater or they need central air to get through the summers because the weather is hotter now than it used to be. Paying for any big household repairs will give your senior parents peace of mind and ensure that their house is in good shape so they can stay there for a long time to come.

-A Home Décor Refresh

If your senior parents are aging in place in the home that you grew up in and it hasn’t had a style refresh since you were a child you could give your parents the gift of a home décor refresh. Some fresh paint, new flooring, and new furniture that fits their lifestyle as seniors could help your senior parents get ready for a new phase of their lives.

-Grocery Delivery 

Grocery delivery can be tough for seniors as they get older. You can give your senior loved ones grocery delivery so that they can get the things they need to be delivered. This is very useful for seniors who have pets but find it very difficult to carry heavy bags of food or litter. Home care services can be there to help with ordering.

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