Balancing Being a Student and a Caregiver

According to AARP, there are about 5 million adults in the United States who are both attending classes of some type and acting as caregivers to a family member. They are most often caring for a parent or grandparent.


Home Care Services in Auburn CA: Being a Student and a Caregiver

Home Care Services in Auburn CA: Being a Student and a Caregiver

People who are both caregivers and students report that they have missed deadlines or that their grades have suffered because of their dual roles. Caregiver responsibilities aren’t something most schools are accustomed to thinking about, so students usually can’t expect much help from the institutions themselves. That means that student caregivers need to take matters into their own hands to find ways to balance their academic lives with caregiving. Some ways student caregivers can bring more balance to their lives are suggested below.

Accept Help

Many caregivers think they should be able to do everything on their own. As a result, they put on a brave face and tell others they are fine and don’t need help. If you find yourself doing that, stop for a moment and think about what you could do with the time saved by letting others assist. Surely there are some caregiving tasks you’re comfortable letting someone else do, like preparing meals or running to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Little things like that add up to having more time for yourself. There may even be a few people that you trust to spend time with your aging relative, so you can study for a test or write a paper. Reach out to them.


Bring Homework with You

Don’t be afraid to bring homework along when you are sitting with your older family member. Most caregivers have plenty of downtime while a senior watches television, naps, or does something else. It’s okay for you to do homework during that time as long as the older adult is safe. You can even bring reading or light homework with you to the doctor’s office to complete in the waiting room.


Stay Organized

Organization is essential to staying on top of both your academic and caregiving responsibilities. Keep a calendar of the older adult’s appointments as well as your own. Write down assignments with the date due. You may think you won’t forget them, but being busy makes it more likely that you will.


Use Home Care

Home care is a good option for caregivers who are also attending school. By having home care come to your aging relative’s home and assist them, you’ll have more time for yourself. You can use that time to go to class, study, and do homework.


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