What Exercise Symptoms Should Your Senior Mention to Her Doctor?


Your elderly family member should always make sure that her doctor is aware of her plans in terms of exercise, but there are specific symptoms that might point to bigger concerns. If your elderly family member is experiencing some of these symptoms, she should definitely bring them up with her doctor as soon as possible.



Home Care Services in Auburn CA: Senior Exercise

Home Care Services in Auburn CA: Senior Exercise


New Symptoms, Even if They Seem Unimportant

New symptoms are always worth a mention to your elderly family member’s doctor if she’s exercising. You never know what’s a sign of trouble and what isn’t, especially when your senior is just getting back into exercising. Getting an opinion on those issues one way or another can be really important in helping her to build confidence and to be less afraid about working out.


Severe Muscle or Joint Pain

Joint and muscle pain might be par for the course in terms of exercise for your senior, but only to a small extent. If your elderly family member is experiencing severe muscle or joint pain during or after exercise, this is definitely something that her doctor needs to know about. Your elderly family member may be exercising too much or too strenuously. Exercise shouldn’t be contributing to her pain.


Pressure or Pain in Her Chest

Tightness or pain in your senior’s chest can have many different causes. If she’s noticing this during or after exercise, that might be a problem. This can be related to breathing issues or to cardiac problems, so it’s very important that your senior’s doctor is aware of what’s happening so that the right tests rule out possible problems.


Dizziness or Shortness of Breath

As your elderly family member exercises, she’s going to experience breathing changes, of course. But if she’s extremely short of breath or if she becomes dizzy during exercise, that’s a sign that there might be more going on. These are important symptoms to bring up with her medical team so that they can watch for other signs of trouble.


Weight Loss that Seems Extreme

Your elderly family member might want to lose a little bit of weight or tone up her muscles, but that usually happens gradually. If she starts losing a lot of weight or loses weight suddenly, there’s likely a reason for that beyond simple exercise. When your senior isn’t trying to lose weight, this can be a big problem.

Your elderly family member might feel more comfortable having someone there with her when she’s exercising, especially if she’s new to moving more regularly. Home care providers can help her with a variety of other needs, too, so now might be a good time to bring them into her care plan.


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