Home Care Services: Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One with Their Insomnia?

Home Care Services: Is your elderly loved one struggling with insomnia?

If this is what is happening, many things could be causing it such as using electronics too late in the day and drinking too much caffeine. If you and home care services providers can help to find the cause of your elderly loved one’s insomnia, hopefully, the proper solutions can be found, as well.


Home Care Services in Rocklin CA: Insomnia

Home Care Services in Rocklin CA: Insomnia


Good Sleep Schedule

One of the most important things that your elderly loved one can do to treat their insomnia is to get a good sleep schedule. Everyone has an internal biological clock that changes based on lifestyle habits and other factors. You and elderly care providers can help your elderly loved one to get their biological clock back on track. This can be done by having your elderly loved one go to bed and get up at the same time every night and day. Over time, their body and mind will get used to that schedule and be able to sleep better.

Don’t Take Naps

It is also important that your elderly loved one isn’t taking naps during the day if they have insomnia. If they take naps, that is only going to make it more difficult for them to fall asleep at night. If your elderly loved one can’t keep their eyes open during the day, you or a home care provider should set an alarm to wake them up after 30 minutes. Just getting a small nap in, as long as it isn’t too late in the day, should be okay.


No Late Evening Eating

Unfortunately, many people who have insomnia do eat later in the evening or sometimes during the night, too. They are often bored and that is why they eat. The problem with this is that eating later in the evening or at night can cause bloating, upset stomach, and other digestive issues. When this happens, it is even more difficult for the mind to calm down and the body to fall asleep. If your elderly loved one is hungry later in the evening and they can’t wait to eat, you or a senior care provider should give them something small and light like a banana.


Home Care Services: Conclusion

These are some of the things that you and home care providers can do to help treat their insomnia. If your elderly loved one can start doing these things regularly, they can hopefully get better sleep. It is important to remember that developing a better sleep schedule takes time. Don’t be too hard on your elderly loved one while they are trying to create and stick to these new habits.


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