What to Do About Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Having fibromyalgia can make life for your aging relative more difficult. Some of the hallmark symptoms of fibromyalgia are widespread pain and fatigue. These things can make it hard for older adults to get through their regular daily activities and can also keep them from enjoying life to its fullest. Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to ease fibromyalgia symptoms, such as those described below.


Home Care Services in Folsom CA: Fibromyalgia Symptoms


Follow the Doctor’s Advice

Sometimes it can seem like the treatment prescribed by the doctor isn’t working. However, that doesn’t mean the older adult should stop following the plan. Instead, speak up at doctor’s appointments. The treatment might need tweaking to make it more effective. The doctor may try a new medication or suggest physical therapy or counseling to cope with the disease.


Get Enough Exercise

Getting enough exercise can help with muscle stiffness and restless leg syndrome, which are both symptoms of fibromyalgia. Exercise can also help older adults to sleep better at night and reduce stress. Although pain may make the older adult reluctant to exercise, there are things they can do that are easier on their bodies, such as water aerobics and yoga.


Try Some Different Kinds of Therapy

While physical therapy can be helpful for people with fibromyalgia, there are other kinds of therapy that can help, too. Your older family member may benefit from a professional massage. They may also benefit from alternative therapies, like acupuncture. Some people find relief using hot and cold packs.


Continue Doing Hobbies and Activities

It can be easy for older adults with fibromyalgia to focus on their disease and its symptoms. However, making the disease the center of their lives isn’t healthy. Instead, encourage them to do as much of their normal activities as they can and to spend time each day doing something enjoyable. For example, if your aging relative likes making crafts, try to give them time each day to forget about the disease and do what they enjoy.


Avoid Overdoing It

On days when the older adult is feeling good, they might be tempted to do more than they should. However, that could lead to worsened symptoms the next day. Instead, encourage them not to do too many strenuous activities and make time for rest.


Use Senior Care

Having a senior care provider can help with both pain and fatigue. Senior care providers can take on some of the tasks that can make fatigue worse, such as cleaning and cooking. This leaves older adults with more energy to do the things they enjoy. In addition, a senior care provider can assist when pain is worse by helping the older adult to use a hot or cold pack or take a comforting bath.


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