Making Your Aging Relative’s Home Unattractive to Burglars

Unfortunately, elderly adults who live at home have a higher risk of being the victims of a burglary. Because they are usually unable to do the things to the home that normally discourage break-ins, criminals target senior homes as easy to enter and get valuables. Family caregivers that want to keep their loved one safe and protect the home should take the time to make their aging relative’s home unattractive to burglars.

Home Care Services in Grass Valley CA: Stopping Burglars

Home Care Services in Grass Valley CA: Stopping Burglars



Many homes don’t have adequate exterior lighting and seniors tend to turn what lights there are off to save electricity. Instead, aging adults and family caregivers should leave exterior lights on and install more if the home is unusually dark. Elderly care providers should check to make sure the lights are on when they lock up the house for the night. Burglars usually choose homes with lots of dark shadows where they can work uninterrupted and unobserved.



Of course, most burglars enter a home through first-floor entry points—doors and windows. Too many seniors forget to lock windows and doors at any time, which is an open invitation to burglars. Family caregivers and elderly care providers should get into the habit of checking windows and doors to see if they are locked, even if people are home. It’s a good habit to develop to discourage burglars.


Tips and Tricks

Certain tips and tricks that family caregivers can do may cause burglars to think twice about breaking into an elderly person’s home. One trick is to imply that a big dog lives these by putting a “Beware of Dog” sign on the fence and putting a few dog toys in the yard. Another trick is to make it seem that many people live in the home by setting certain lamps on timers, so it appears from the outside that there are several occupants using the lights. Finally, some people put up fake security cameras to make burglars think they are being recorded.



Nowadays, there are many home security systems and alarms that can be installed for reasonable rates that further discourage burglars. Not only do the sensors monitor doors and windows, but they also include stickers and yard signs to show the home is wired up. Many burglars will avoid homes that give notification that they have a home security system installed. Family caregivers should always let the elderly care provider know how to arm and disarm the system to prevent false alarms.

Most seniors that depend on family caregivers and elderly care providers for help with basic daily tasks usually don’t have something like home security on their mind, That’s why family caregivers need to come up with a comprehensive plan to make their aging relative’s home unattractive to burglars.


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