Help Seniors Maintain Social Connections with an Ice Cream Social

A growing body of research shows that one important aspect of the lives of older adults is a social connection.
Remaining socially connected helps to increase overall well-being and improves health. Social connectivity has been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It also prevents loneliness and lowers the risk of death due to any cause. One way to help your aging relative to stay involved with friends and family is to look for innovative and fun ways to bring them all together. July is Ice Cream Month, so how about throwing an ice cream social for the older adult and their friends?


Home Care Services in Lincoln CA: Seniors Maintain Social Connections

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Below are some ideas for planning a successful ice cream social.


Plan a “Menu”

Ice cream socials are more fun when the guests have the opportunity to create their own ice cream sundae. Consider having a few different kinds of ice cream available and a variety of toppings. Some ideas for toppings include:

  • Chopped up candy bars.
  • Crushed cookies.
  • Chopped nuts.
  • Syrups, like chocolate, butterscotch, and caramel.
  • Berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.
  • Sprinkles.
  • And, of course, don’t forget the whipped cream and cherries!



Make the occasion even more special by decorating for it. You can simply put a colorful tablecloth and some flowers on the table. Or, you might consider decorating the place to look like an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, like the ones your older family member might have visited as a youth.


Send Invitations

Sending invitations can be part of the fun for everyone. The older adult can design and make the invitations if they enjoy crafts. If not, purchased invitations can be fun, too, since they can help to inform the theme of the party. The recipients will enjoy receiving a surprise invitation in the mail.



If the older adult is worried that conversation may lag, plan some activities to keep things light and fun. Consider using some “ice breaker” activities. You can find ideas for them on the Internet. A card game is another fun way for older adults to pass the time. Or, if you’re looking for something more active and the social is being held outside, offer a lawn game like croquet or horseshoes.


If an ice cream social sounds like just the thing for your aging relative, a senior care provider can help them to plan and throw the party. Senior care providers can assist with making the invitations and drive the older adult to the post office to mail them. Senior care providers can also drive the older adult to the grocery store and help them to shop for the ice cream and toppings. In addition, a senior care provider can help on the day of the event by assisting with set up, scooping the ice cream, and running activities for the guests.


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