How to Effectively Share Your Home With Your Dad

Your dad’s home becomes too much for him to manage. You agree that it makes sense for him to move in with you. You have the room, and he’d have someone around for most of the day. While it makes sense, there are things you have to consider. Before moving him in, make plans so that you’re effectively sharing a home without driving each other nuts.


Home Care Services in Lincoln CA: Sharing Your Home With Your Dad

Home Care Services in Lincoln CA: Sharing Your Home With Your Dad


Make Sure Everyone Has Personal Space

When you move your dad into your home, everyone needs to have a private place to go when frustrations build. A bedroom is usually the best choice. If your dad is sharing a bedroom with one of his grandchildren, he won’t have the privacy he needs.

To make sure everyone has personal space, you may need to convert a den into a new bedroom. You could turn the playroom over the garage into a private suite for your dad. Convert the basement into space for your teen and give your teen’s bedroom to your dad. Redecorating is something you can all do together.


Create a Bathroom Schedule

If you have a bathroom your dad doesn’t have to share, that’s ideal. It’s not always practical. If you have a limited number of bathrooms, make sure everyone has the time they need. Your teens need to get to school on time, so it’s likely they’ll need the bathroom first. You need to be ready before your dad gets up at 10. Schedule your dad’s bathroom time when no one will interrupt him.

Remember that emergencies will occur from time to time. Leave room in your bathroom schedule to cover emergencies. If your dad needs the bathroom when your teen is using it, you could move your teen to the shower in your master bathroom instead. It may not be how you prefer your morning to go, but it’s better to have a back-up plan.


Give Him Things to Do

Your dad wants to know that he’s doing his part. Have chores he can help you complete. If he likes to fold clothes, he could do that chore while you’re making beds. If he likes to dust, let him do that.


Take Breaks When Needed

When you live in the same house as him, you both need your privacy. Make sure you get away without him now and then. Rent a cottage somewhere, arrange respite care, and head off on a long weekend with your kids, spouse, partner, friends, etc. You could even go alone and have a house to yourself for a few days.

Respite care is available when you need the break to run errands, go on vacation, or go for a long walk. Call a home care agency and schedule caregivers on the days you want time to yourself.


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