Bathroom Design Tips That Help Prevent Falls

If your parents haven’t fallen yet, that’s great. If they have, you probably know a bit about the anxiety you have after that fall. Are they okay or did they fall again and try to hide it from you? What could you do to lower the risk of them falling when they’re in their bathroom?


Home Care Services in Marysville CA: Bathroom Safety

Home Care Services in Marysville CA: Bathroom Safety


Install Grab Bars

Make sure the bathroom has grab bars in areas where your parents are likely to slip or lose their balance. Grab bars should be inside and outside of the shower or tub. They need to be near the toilet, too.


Look Into Vinyl Plank Flooring

Ask a local home improvement floor or flooring retailer about vinyl plank flooring. You want the brands that are skid resistant. Vinyl plank flooring looks like wood, but it’s waterproof and resists scratches. It’s an ideal bathroom flooring for that reason.


Put Grip Decals or Non-Slip Shower Mats in the Shower

A rubber non-slip shower mat that attaches to the floor with suction is a good idea if the shower floor is smooth. You can also install grip decals. As many falls occur when you step on smooth, wet flooring, you want to make sure your parents have some traction when taking a shower.


Make Sure Lighting is Better Than Adequate

The bathroom lighting has to be better than okay. If there are darker areas, such as in the shower, look into lighting for those areas. Battery-powered shower lights are a good solution to make sure a shower stall is illuminated.


Add Ventilation if Steam Builds Up

If the bathroom gets steamy, check the current ventilation. If the bathroom fan isn’t adequate, it’s time to upgrade. A window that can be opened may help with a fan that works but isn’t drawing enough.

If the bathroom becomes too humid, moisture may build up on the walls, ceiling, and floors. Not only is this likely to lead to mildew, but it also makes floors slippery.


It May Be Time for Help

If your parents are having a hard time in the shower, look into senior care services. While they shower, they can have a caregiver sitting nearby to help them if they need it. They may feel more comfortable stepping out of the shower while holding onto a caregiver’s arm.

Caregivers can also help with dressing and grooming, meals and grocery shopping, and housekeeping and laundry. Whatever your parents need, senior care services have them covered.


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