What Small Clues Indicate Your Senior Could Use Some Extra Help?

Health and well-being change rapidly, especially when you’re talking about older adults. You might need to look for some of these small clues to determine where your senior needs more help.


Home Care Services in Rocklin CA: Senior Care Tips

Home Care Services in Rocklin CA: Senior Care Tips

Her Personal Hygiene Seems Different

One subtle and yet obvious sign might be that your senior’s attention to personal hygiene might have changed. She might be dressing differently or seems to be spending longer periods of time between showers. Perhaps she’s changed how she does her hair. Some of these signs might not mean much. But some of them could mean that your senior is having a tough time.

She Doesn’t Seem to Be Grocery Shopping

Checking your elderly family member’s stock of food can also help you to see where she might have some extra needs. Cooking, shopping, and meal preparation can all become difficult for your senior with little or even no notice. If you do check up on your senior’s food supplies and they seem to be dwindling, this is a conversation you need to have with her.

Her Home Doesn’t Seem as Tidy or Clean

How does your senior’s home look? If she normally keeps a tidy and clean house, but lately things are askew and you can tell cleaning isn’t being done, there’s a reason. Getting to the root of the problem helps you to put the right solution in place for her so that you can get the problem resolved.

Her Car Is Showing Damage

You should also periodically take a look at your elderly family member’s car. Noticing new damage to her car can help you to see if she’s experiencing problems driving that you’re not aware of through other means. Talk to her about what it’s like for her to drive and whether she’s having problems. Avoid throwing out ultimatums about taking away her keys. That’s going to make it more difficult for her to be honest with you about what she’s experiencing.

Her Mail Is Getting Out of Hand

Another small detail you might not think about much is your senior’s mail. Is she dealing with it promptly, or is it piling up around the house? If it is piling up, there might be important pieces of correspondence that she hasn’t seen yet. She might have a reason for neglecting this simple task.

All of these issues are ones that you can help you’re senior to resolve. Many of them may be tasks you can take over, but you’re only one person. Hiring home care providers allows you to ensure that all of your senior’s needs are being met promptly and in the best ways possible.


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