Reasons for Surgery-Related Stress in the Elderly

There are going to be times when caring for your elderly loved one, that things are tougher than other times.
One of the times that you might have trouble is if your elderly loved one needs to have surgery. You might find that your elderly loved one needs surgery, but they don’t want it. They might be experiencing surgery-related stress for some reason or another. Keep reading here to find out the common reasons for this type of stress in the elderly and what you can do to help.


Home Care Services in Roseville CA: Surgery-Related Stress

Home Care Services in Roseville CA: Surgery-Related Stress



An elderly person might be scared to have surgery. Fear is one of the most common reasons for the stress someone feels before having any kind of surgery. People of all ages often feel fear. This might be because they start worrying about what might go wrong during their surgery. For instance, when a person is undergoing a high-risk surgery they might be scared of dying. This makes them worried and afraid. As a family caregiver, it is your duty to try and reduce this fear. You can do this by offering support or simply by just being there. If you can’t be around, it might be best to have professional caregivers be there, so your elderly loved one isn’t alone.


Not Understanding Something

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand medical procedures, especially surgeries. It can be hard to comprehend all the medical terms that the doctors throw out. This is why family caregivers and professional caregivers need the elderly person to understand everything that will be going on before, during, and after the surgery. If you don’t completely understand much about your elderly loved one’s surgery, take a few minutes to speak directly with their doctor. This way you can get more information regarding the surgery to help your loved one.


Feeling Guilty

Some elderly people feel guilty about having to undergo surgery. Your elderly loved one might be feeling stressed because they think they are a burden on you and the caregivers. They may feel like something will go wrong. If that happens, your elderly loved one might feel they will become a liability to the entire family. If your loved one is feeling guilty, try to reassure them. Tell your elderly loved one that the family doesn’t think they are a burden.



It is important to try your best to reduce the stress your elderly loved one feels before undergoing surgery. Many studies show that lack of support before surgery can affect the recovery stages after surgery. This is why helping your elderly loved one reduce their surgery-related stress is essential. Take the time needed to learn all you can about their surgery, help them understand the surgery, and give them as much support as possible.


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