Is Your Elderly Loved One Hiding Their Alzheimer’s Disease?

Many senior citizens, when they start losing their memory, will try to hide it. They don’t want their loved ones to start making decisions for them. Also, many elderly adults are embarrassed by the fact that they can’t remember things. If your elderly loved one is doing the things mentioned here today, they could have Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to talk to your loved one to let them know you are there for them no matter what.


Home Care Services in Sacramento CA: Hiding Their Alzheimer’s Disease


Talking for Their Partner

If you notice that your loved one’s partner or another family member is talking for them, this could be a sign that they have Alzheimer’s disease. This loved one or partner is probably trying to hide the memory loss. If someone is speaking for your loved one, ask them to politely let your loved one answer questions. Maybe you can get your loved one alone and talk to them about what is going on.


Excuses, Excuses

If your loved one does have Alzheimer’s disease, especially in the early stages, they may make up excuses to cover up their memory loss. They may say they just had an elderly moment or they haven’t been sleeping well. While everyone occasionally has some memory loss, if you notice patterns occurring in your elderly loved one, they could have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or another memory loss disorder.


Withdrawing from Interests and Hobbies

When an elderly adult knows that something is going as it should with them, they may start withdrawing from others. They may stop participating in their interests and hobbies. They might start making up excuses for why they can’t attend events. In reality, they just don’t want others to realize they are starting to or have been forgetting things more often. If your elderly loved one is withdrawing from interests and hobbies, talk to them about it. Let them know you are there for them no matter what is happening.


Everything is Going Great

Has your elderly loved one been telling you that everything is going great? Yet, when you or caregivers visit, it is noticed that your elderly loved one is forgetting things. Maybe they even have some behaviors that aren’t the norm for them. This could signify they have Alzheimer’s disease. If this is the case, you might want to get them a doctor’s appointment to be checked out. You don’t necessarily have to tell them what the doctor’s appointment is for right away if they seem to avoid any idea of them getting diagnosed with this disease.

These are some of the signs that your elderly loved one may be hiding their Alzheimer’s disease. If you notice these things happening, it is time to talk to your loved one. Let them know that you have a clue about what is going on and you are there for them. Talk to them about what help they may need and assure them you aren’t going to take over completely.


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