Home Care Services: What Can You Do When Your Senior Needs More Help?

Home Care Services: Is there much that you can really do when your senior needs more help?

There’s probably more assistance available than you realize, especially if you’re open to bringing in help with personal care tasks. Home care services providers can assist with anything you need.


Home Care Services in Yuba City CA: Senior Assistance

Home Care Services in Yuba City CA: Senior Assistance


Look More Closely at What Exactly She Needs

You might start to suspect that your elderly family member needs more help well before you realize that’s definitely the case. When you start to have those inklings, it’s important to start assessing the situation. Look at what you’re able to do for your senior, how safe her home is, what’s changing for her in terms of her health. If she’s experiencing cognitive changes, that’s another factor to address.

Keep Your Senior Involved in the Decision

You’re not in this alone, even if it feels that way at the time. When you keep your senior involved in the decision-making process, she’s less likely to feel as if you’re forcing home care on her. Personal care at home can absolutely be the best answer for her, especially if she’s trying to do all that she can in order to stay at home for as long as possible.

Address Safety Concerns

Once you’ve determined what safety issues your senior is facing, those need to be addressed as soon as possible. The basics include making sure that you’ve reduced clutter as much as possible and done what you can to help your senior to prevent falls. Something that’s easy to overlook is lighting, because your senior may not realize that she needs brighter lights in order to see a little better.

Set up a Plan and Give it a Fair Try

When you and your elderly family member have a plan for bringing in personal care at home, give that plan a fair trial. It’s easy to give up too soon, especially if your elderly family member isn’t used to having help available more often. Over time, she’s more likely to see the benefits to her in having caregivers there to help just when she needs it most.

Accepting help isn’t always easy, even if your elderly family member acknowledges that she could use some help. It’s also not necessarily something that you can offer to do for her, even if you want to. Busy lives mean that you and your senior might have to come up with other solutions that meet her needs and that help her to achieve her goals. Home care services providers can help you with this.


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