Talking To Your Senior Loved One About Alcohol

April is Alcohol Awareness Month which means it’s a great time to talk with your senior loved ones about alcohol use. Alcohol use and abuse is something that affects millions of seniors and their families. According to some research 10-15% of people don’t start heavily drinking until they are seniors. And there nearly a million emergency room discharges related to alcohol in recent years. How can home care services help your senior with this?


Home Care Services in Auburn CA: Senior Alcohol Awareness

Home Care Services in Auburn CA: Senior Alcohol Awareness


Seniors have a high risk of developing a dependence on alcohol, especially if they are socially isolated. Seniors also are more likely to be taking medications that can have serious side effects when taken with alcohol. If you suspect that your senior loved one may have a problem with alcohol or if they are known to drink heavily it’s time to talk with them about their drinking and suggest they get some help to stop. It can be difficult to have a conversation like this with a senior parent, but these tips may help:

Don’t Judge

It’s important that you approach this conversation without judgment. Your senior parent won’t be open to really hearing what you have to say if the way you approach the topic is filled with judgment or criticism. Explain why you are concerned about their drinking and talk about how it makes you feel or what you have seen.

Bring In Other People

Having others present during the conversation can help take the edge off of any tension. If your senior parent has a home care assistance provider try to have them present for this conversation. They may also be able to provide backup for you. Your senior loved one’s home care assistance provider who is with them regularly can give you a realistic idea of how much your senior loved one is drinking each week. You may also want to bring into the conversation your senior loved one’s paster or minister, other siblings, family friends, or a counselor who can provide some advice and insight on the situation.

Be Willing To Provide Support

If your senior loved one is open to getting help let them know that you will support them as they go through recovery. And really mean it. Because it can be challenging to provide emotional support to someone that is going through substance abuse recovery. You need to be sure that you’re capable of providing the support that they will need before you make that offer. But offering your ongoing support can be a big inducement for a senior to get help for their drinking.

Encourage Alcohol-Free Activities

Help your senior loved one stay committed to sobriety by encouraging them to participate in alcohol-free activities. Exercising, learning new hobbies, and hanging out with friends in a non-alcoholic setting are some easy ways that seniors can find social support and fun without alcohol. By helping your senior loved one find activities that are fun and that aren’t based on alcohol or drinking you will help them see that they don’t need alcohol to have a good time or make friends.


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