Home Care: What Can You Do to Help Your Senior to Adjust to Elder Care Help?

Home Care: It might surprise you to know that your elderly family member isn’t excited about having extra help when you suggest it.

The reality of the situation is that there are a lot of emotions involved in this change and it’s going to take some time for your senior to adjust to having home care providers around.


Elderly Care in Auburn CA: Home Care

Elderly Care in Auburn CA: Home Care

Talk to Her about What She Needs and Wants

The most important part of being a family caregiver is communicating with your senior. Let her know what your concerns are and listen to hers. Make sure that you’re also listening to what she wants from working with elder care services and what she needs. Those needs may very well change over time, so this is ongoing communication.

Help Her to Set a Routine for Elder Care

At first, having help from elder care providers is going to feel awkward and like an interruption. Your senior has a routine already, even if it isn’t one that truly supports her the way that it needs to. What you can do is to help her to adjust her routine to best take advantage of elder care services. That’s going to make the process a lot easier, especially if her new routine provides even more support.

Don’t Rush Anything

The last thing you want to do is to rush any of this home care process. When you’re able to stay patient, that helps you to be a steady force for your elderly family member. She may be better able to hold onto her patience as she adjusts to this new normal if she knows that you’re right there with her the whole way. She may still feel some resistance but knowing that she can take her time adjusting can make a world of difference.

Home Care: Visit as Often as You Can

Most family caregivers are incredibly busy and even live far away. If either of those situations or both, apply in your case, elder care providers are a way for you to stay on top of your elderly family member’s needs. When you visit as often as you’re able to, that gives you a chance to have firsthand knowledge that you can use to help make better decisions.
Any changes are difficult to get used to, of course. Your senior just needs to be able to give home care some time in order to get the full benefit from working with elder care providers.


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