Home Care: How To Know If Home Care Is A Good Choice For Your Senior Parent

Home Care: One of the hardest choices that you will have to make is deciding if your senior parent can thrive at home with home care or if they need to consider an assisted living or memory care facility.

You will find that lots of people have opinions on what is best but in the end, only the opinions of your senior loved ones and your family really matter. Surveys show that most seniors want to age in place and stay in their homes as they get older. Is that the best option for your senior loved ones? It might be. With a home care provider to help them your parents may be able to live many years happily at home. But it’s still a tough decision to make. Here are some things that you should consider to make that decision easier:


Home Care in Yuba City CA: Good Choice

Home Care in Yuba City CA: Good Choice



Assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care facilities can be extremely expensive. When you compare the costs of your senior staying in their own home to the cost of your senior loved one living in a senior facility you may find that the cost to remain at home is significantly cheaper, especially over time. If your senior parent is on a fixed income, relying on Social Security, or trying to make their pension last as long as possible staying at home might be the most cost-effective thing to do. This can be especially true if you can help them with things like cleaning, lawn mowing, snow plowing, and other necessary house chores.


Your Senior Loved One’s Abilities

Is your senior parent capable of living on their own? If your senior parent still is able to take care of themselves or can take care of themselves with some home care provider support there are significant mental and cognitive benefits that seniors can get from staying in their familiar homes. Your senior loved one may be able to hang onto their cognitive skills even longer if they are able to continue living in a familiar environment where they are happy.

Home Care: The Support Available

Do you live close to your senior parent? Can siblings help you take care of your parents? If your parents have a strong support network of friends and family and they can get extra support when they need it from a home care provider then aging in place is probably the right option for them. Getting regular visits from you and your siblings or their friends will help your senior parents stay engaged with the world and encourage them to go out and do things. Getting care from an experienced home care provider will help fill in any gaps in the help that you and your family can provide for your parents so that you are senior parents aren’t lacking.

It’s not possible for all seniors to age in place safely but if your senior loved ones can function at home with just minimal effort and help it’s worth it to let them choose where they want to live.


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