Home Health Care: What Should Family Caregivers Learn About Alzheimer’s Stages

Home Health Care: Alzheimer’s disease can be painful for everyone that is involved.

Yes, your elderly loved one is the person who is dealing with deteriorating, irreversible health. However, you have to see your loved one fall apart and become someone that isn’t themselves. With this being said, learning about the various stages of Alzheimer’s disease can help to prepare you for what your elderly loved one will have to deal with (hence what you and your home health care provider will have to go through, as well).


 Home Health Care in Rocklin CA: Alzheimer's Stages

Home Health Care in Rocklin CA: Alzheimer’s Stages

Early Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

In the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, it can be difficult to recognize the disease is even present. It may just seem like normal aging. However, there are certain symptoms that your elderly loved one will likely experience such as:

  • Forgetting appointments
  • Difficult holding a conversation
  • Forgetting someone’s name from time to time
  • Forgetting to take their medications

In this stage, many senior citizens can still handle most tasks. They may have mild memory loss and experience mild symptoms. If this is happening for your elderly loved one, you still may want to consider having them see a doctor. You may also want to consider hiring home care assistance providers to get your elderly loved one familiar with these services.

Mid-Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

Once your elderly loved one reaches this stage, they will start experiencing more moderate symptoms such as:

  • Forgetting appointments, names, and to take medications more often
  • Experiencing more difficulties holding conversations such as not knowing which words to use
  • Becoming frustrated easier than before
  • Not enjoying certain tasks as they are becoming more difficult to do
  • Forgetting how to do some tasks such as bathing properly

If your elderly loved one is in this stage, make sure they are getting regular medical care. The doctors may have certain recommendations or treatments to help make some symptoms less severe. They will get worse over time, but hopefully, there are some ways the doctors can ease things in the meantime. With this being said, you may also want to get more home care services for your elderly loved one at this time.


End-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

During this stage, your elderly loved ones will not be able to take care of themselves. They will need around-the-clock care, preferably from people who are trained in this disease such as senior care providers. Some symptoms they may experience during this stage include:

  • Not being able to have regular conversations
  • Severe memory loss
  • Not being able to feed, bathe, or care for themselves
  • Not knowing directions or being able to complete tasks

If your elderly loved one is in this stage, they will need help all the time. They may need extra treatments to help handle pain and mental health issues. There isn’t a cure for the disease, but hopefully, their doctor can make them a bit more comfortable.


Home Health Care:  Conclusion

These are some of the things that all family caregivers should know about Alzheimer’s stages. If your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with this disease, this information can help you to prepare for what is coming. If they don’t have this disease, that is great, but now you and your home health care provider will know this information in case they get Alzheimer’s disease in the future.


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