Fitness: How Do You Find the Right Fitness Programs for Your Mom?

Fitness: You accompanied your mom to her last doctor’s appointment. Her doctor says she should lose a bit of weight by becoming more active.

You want to encourage her, but she’s hesitant as she’s never found anything that she can stick to. She gets bored. That’s a common dilemma with exercise. Mixing up activities is one way to prevent boredom from setting in. How can you help her find fitness programs that hold her interest even weeks or months later?


Home Health Care in Chico CA: Fitness Programs

Home Health Care in Chico CA: Fitness Programs


Ask Her Doctor for Advice

If your mom is out of shape, it may benefit her to work with a physical therapist. She’ll have an expert guiding her through exercise routines that help her build muscle strength in a safe, effective manner.


Trial and Error

When you’re trying new forms of exercise, don’t expect your mom to love everything. If she doesn’t like something after giving it an honest try, move on to the next. Look for exercises you think she’s more likely to embrace.

For example, your mom always loved swimming. Why not sign her up for a Water Zumba class. If she loved riding her bike, she might love a stationary bike. While she’s riding it, you could position her in front of a TV that’s showing a bike tour of a scenic area.


Join Her

Would your mom be more likely to engage in a new activity if you joined her? If she wants a support system by her side, sign up and take a new class together. Try something different each week. You could sign up for a Yoga class one week and a Zumba class the next.

Get a trial membership to a local gym and see if she likes any of the fitness equipment more than others. She may discover she loves the elliptical but hates the treadmill. She may prefer the treadmill. If she takes a liking to a specific machine, it may be worth investing in that equipment at home.

Bring the family for an outdoor activity. If your mom is surrounded by her children and grandchildren, she’ll have a great time and not think of it as exercise.


Fitness: Keep Her Motivated

Does your mom have someone around for encouragement throughout the week? If she’s not motivated, she’s not as likely to stick with her new exercise plan.

Home care aides are an excellent way to ensure your mom has help with daily activities of living and sticks to her fitness and exercise goals. Her home care aides can join her for walks, assist her through home exercise routines, and be there for support.


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