Simple Ways to Ensure Your Mom Stays Active

Home Health Care: Experts agree that a minimum of 30 minutes of activity each day benefits older adults.

Your mom isn’t very active, and you’d like to help her increase her daily activities. You want her to go for walks, stop watching so much TV, and get up and active. How can you or your home health care provider help her?

Home Health Care in Lincoln CA: Exercise

Home Health Care in Lincoln CA: Exercise


Enlist Her Grandchildren

Your mom may be happier to engage in activities with her grandchildren. Depending on their ages, she could take them outside to help her in the garden or walk around the local nature trails looking for wildlife.

Teens may find it easy to bond with their grandmother over video games, shows, or movies. Even if your mom doesn’t want to play a game on a console or computer, some games are like movies. She can sit next to your teens and watch them play.

Find Activities She Enjoys

Your mom isn’t likely to stay active if she doesn’t have fun doing certain activities. Find the things she loves and focus on them.

For example, your mom loves to take walks. She may not enjoy riding a bike for exercise, but a treadmill inside would help her stay active, even if it’s raining. Get a tablet that she can use while walking. She might be inside, but she can watch a video and feel like she’s outside.

Suppose she loves gardening. During the winter, your mom can’t get outside to the garden. But, there are hydroponic gardens that are easy to use and grow many smaller plants like herbs and dwarf tomatoes. She can garden inside using these water gardens.

Baking is a great activity when the weather isn’t cooperating. She can’t go outside, but your mom could make a loaf of bread. Kneading the dough works out her shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers. Plus, your mom ends up with a homemade loaf of bread for meals and snacks.

Keep her mentally active, too. If you know she used to love doing logic problems, invest in a few puzzle books or an online app filled with logic problems. Purchase jigsaws, decks of cards for Solitaire, or purchase supplies for her favorite hobbies.

Encourage Her to Volunteer

Has your mom talked about volunteering? Find volunteer programs that she can fit into her schedule. If she doesn’t often leave home, she can still volunteer by writing letters for organizations, transcribing documents for organizations like the Smithsonian, or knitting blankets and hats for hospitals.

Home Health Care: Arrange Companionship Services

Sometimes, a little encouragement goes a long way to keeping an older adult active. Arrange companion care at home services and support your mom with regular caregiver visits. If she hesitates to go outside because she’s alone, she gains the company of her caregiver.

Companion care at home aides also help with indoor activities like playing cards and board games, enjoying hobbies, or working out to online fitness videos. Talk to a home care agency to schedule companion care visits.


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