Four Ways to Honor Your Parents on National Senior Citizen Day

It’s National Senior Citizen Day on August 21st. This makes it the perfect time to honor the parents who have been there for you. When your parents say they have everything they need, how can you honor them? Here are four of the best ways.



Home Health Care in Folsom CA: National Senior Citizen Day

Home Health Care in Folsom CA: National Senior Citizen Day


Spend the Day With Them

Without having to spend any money, take a day and spend time with your parents. Cook dinner for them, help with housework or yard work or go for a drive. Whatever interests them, take the time to do that for them.


Plan a Family Gathering

How many people do your parents miss seeing? If you have cousins who don’t get to visit often or aunts and uncles who live in another state, see if you can get them to make the trip for a family reunion. It may mean having guests for a weekend, but the look on your parents’ faces when they realize they get to spend a day with people they don’t often see will be worth it.

Pick a spot where everyone can gather and spend a day together. You could go to a beach, a state park, or someone’s home. A local deli may be able to put together sandwiches and picnic items for you. You could also have everyone bring a dish and do a potluck luncheon.


Take Them Out

What do your parents love to do? If they love art museums but rarely go, plan a trip to a local art museum. Spend the day looking at the different works of art. If they enjoy theater, buy tickets to a play or musical. After, you could treat them to dinner or lunch at a favorite restaurant.


Go on a Weekend Trip Together

Rent a home for a weekend and bring your parents on a mini-vacation. Take them to the beach, a lake, or a city that’s near parks, shops, and restaurants. You could look for a rental home near a zoo, theme park, or hiking trails. They’ll love getting away, and your family will spend quality time together.


What happens during the rest of the year? You probably have work, family responsibilities, and other commitments that keep you from seeing your parents as often as you’d like to. They don’t have to be alone if you hire home care aides.


One of the key benefits of home care is companionship. Your parents also have someone to drive them to area businesses and attractions. They have someone to help them with housework. They are safe, happy, and independent in their home. Call now to discuss pricing and services.


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Shaun Clinkinbeard