Home Health Care: How to Arrange the Bedroom to Decrease the Fall Risk

Home Health Care: Why should you look at the bedroom when it comes to reducing your parents’ risks of a fall.

A 2017 report released by the Public Library of Science found that falls within the home were more likely to occur in one of three places, the stairs/steps, the bathroom, and the bedroom. The bedroom is one of the places where your parents spend many hours. It should be one of the safest rooms in their home. How do you ensure it is a safe place? Lower the fall risk in a bedroom by making these changes. Home Health Care providers can assist you with this.


Home Health Care in Folsom CA: Bedroom Safety

Home Health Care in Folsom CA: Bedroom Safety


Carefully Consider Furniture Arrangement

Your mom and dad often need to use the toilet in the middle of the night. It’s common for older adults to have weaker bladders. When that happens, what path is taken to get to the bathroom? If your mom has to walk around her bed to get to the door, you need to make sure nothing is jutting out that could catch her toe as she walks past.


Look for Clutter

Bedrooms can get cluttered with clean laundry, accessories, and books. Your parents don’t keep up with cleaning tasks in their bedroom, so there are laundry baskets full of clean clothes. They have stacks of books they’ve read but haven’t had time to bring to the used book store. Clutter needs to be addressed.

Clean your parents’ bedroom and make sure everything has a place. You also want to create a space for extra pillows and blankets on the bed but usually are tossed to the floor when they prepare to go to sleep. Those items can increase the risk of a fall.


Install Bed Rails if Needed

Your dad has a habit of tossing and turning so much that he falls out of bed. If that’s happening, it’s time to put in a bed rail that prevents that fall. If your mom has a hard time sitting up and getting her balance when she’s ready to get out of bed, a bed rail offers support for her to hold onto while she sits and stands up.

Home Health Care: Arrange In-Home Care for Morning Routines

Home health care is essential for fall prevention. If your mom or dad is prone to falling when trying to get out of bed, you should ensure someone is there to help them get up each morning. Caregivers are there when needed to help with ambulation.

In addition to helping your mom or dad get out of bed, caregivers can help them get in and out of the shower. They’ll have a helper if they need to go up and down the stairs. Call a specialist and ask about in-home care services and pricing in your area.


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