The Importance of a Respite Care Plan

What is respite care? The goal of respite care is to give a break to those caring for elderly parents, grandparents, etc. Respite care may cover an hour here and there, a few days in a row, or several weeks. While the family caregiver takes a break, a professional caregiver takes over.


Home Health Care in Lincoln CA: Respite Care Plan



Caring for a family member should come naturally, right? It’s something you’re just meant to do. While these are common beliefs about family care, it’s not always easy. Weeks and weeks of being a carer can be overwhelming. If you’re not taking time for yourself, you could become overstressed.

When unmanaged, stress can spiral out of control. Anxiety attacks and health issues are linked to being too stressed. Respite care gives you the time you need to reduce your stress and avoid affecting your health in negative ways.


Examples of How Respite Care Helps

Say your mom has Alzheimer’s disease and wanders. It’s hard to get her to sit still. You’re always on guard making sure she’s in the house. If she doesn’t sleep well at night, you may find yourself staying awake listening for door and window alarms to alert you that she’s trying to get outside. You’re exhausted. Respite care gives you a chance to sleep for several hours while someone else watches your mom’s movements.

You have the chance to go to the Caribbean with friends. You want to go, but you know your dad cannot be left alone for two weeks. With respite care, caregivers help him out. You’re free to go on vacation for a couple of weeks while knowing he’s being cared for.

Respite care can also cover months of care. While you’re the main caregiver for your parents, you have shingles. You’re in a lot of pain, and your doctor says you should stay home and rest until you’re feeling better.

Most people feel better in three to five weeks, but it’s not a guarantee. You’re two months into it, and you still aren’t ready. With respite care, you have the time you need to fully recover before helping your parents out again.


How Do You Schedule Respite Care?

Respite care will help you. How do you make the arrangements?

Talk to a senior care agency. The representative can set up respite care that matches your preferred schedule. Senior care can also be arranged to follow a specific schedule that ensures your parents have help with tasks every week. Call to learn more.

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