Five Ways to Solve Hydration Problems

Dehydration is a big issue for anyone, but it can pose serious health risks for older adults. So, how do you get your senior to drink more water if she’s not liking that idea?


Home Health Care in Rocklin CA: Senior Hydration

Home Health Care in Rocklin CA: Senior Hydration


Drinking More Water

It sounds obvious, but the first way to try to solve hydration problems for your senior is to encourage her to drink more water. This is not as easy as it sounds, though. If your elderly family member hates to drink water or if she just doesn’t want to drink more, you may have to get creative. There are other answers.


Introduce Foods with Higher Water Content

Foods that naturally contain a great deal of water are excellent choices and they may be far more palatable for your elderly family member. Vegetables and fruits that are high in water content are always a good choice. Watery foods, like soup or even yogurt, might be welcomed, too. Try a few different ideas to see what appeals most to your elderly family members.


Juice and Tea Might Be Okay in Moderation

Another obvious answer is to lean heavily on tea and juice. They’re not sodas, so they should be okay, right? The problem is that sometimes tea and juice are high in sugar or in other ingredients that your senior should really limit. One or two a day might be okay but check with her doctor if this is your senior’s sole source of hydration.


Try New Ideas

You might find that your creativity is tested when you try to convince your senior to drink more water. It can help to make drinking water a game, even if you and your senior are “racing” each other to your goal. Try using funny or interesting water containers and bottles, too. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to have a water bottle that is particularly pretty or exciting, and that can spur your senior to have more water.


Get Her Doctor Involved

If your senior is still not on board the hydration idea, talk to her doctor. There may be more that you can do. It’s also important to find out if your senior might already be getting all the water that she really needs. Her doctor can help you to sort all of that out.


Sometimes it’s difficult to track your senior’s water intake and what’s working for her right now. Home care providers can help you to manage all of that and they might have some ideas that you can try, too.


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