Homecare: 4 Ways Home Care Helps Seniors With Diabetes

Homecare: There are more than 14 million seniors living with diabetes in the U.S.

During November, which is American Diabetes Month, families of seniors with diabetes should find out more about how in-home care can help seniors manage their diabetes at home. Most seniors prefer to live at home and age in place but managing their diabetes can make that difficult. Homecare services providers can give seniors who have diabetes the kind of support they need to be able to stay at home and be healthy.

Homecare in Rocklin CA: Diabetes

Homecare in Rocklin CA: Diabetes



If your senior loved one has diabetes and is struggling to manage it consider these four ways that an in-home care provider could help your senior parent:

Helping Manage Medications And Injections

It can be a challenge for seniors to check their blood sugar regularly, prepare their insulin injections, keep up on how much insulin they have and get new insulin or syringes from the pharmacy, and generally manage their diabetes supplies along with the rest of their medications. A home care provider can help seniors streamline the process of checking their blood sugar and getting injections ready. They can also call in refills and help seniors manage their other medications.

Helping To Cook Healthy Meals

What seniors with diabetes eat will directly impact their blood sugar. It’s very important for seniors with diabetes to eat healthy meals that are mostly fresh vegetables and lean proteins like fish. But cooking can be very difficult for seniors. A home care provider can help seniors eat the healthy meals they should be eating by helping to wash, chop, and prepare vegetables and cook delicious healthy meals. They can also help with the clean-up so that seniors don’t have to struggle to wash heavy pans or dishes.

Helping Seniors Get More Active

Another critically important part of diabetes management is being as active as possible. Seniors who aren’t very steady on their feet may feel more secure if a senior care provider accompanies them on walks or bike rides. And having someone to exercise with makes it much more likely that seniors will get off the couch or out of their chairs and get the daily exercise that doctors recommend to help manage their diabetes.

Homecare: Helping Seniors Get Restful Sleep

How much sleep a senior gets and the quality of that sleep can also impact their blood sugar. Many seniors get anxious or lonely at night and because of that, they don’t get the kind of restorative and restful sleep they need to get to keep their diabetes in check. A 24-hour care provider who can be there at night will help seniors feel more secure and less lonely at night. That makes it easier for them to fall asleep and get the kind of quality sleep they need to be healthy. A homecare provider who stays with your senior parent at night will also give you the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one isn’t alone at night.


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