Homecare: Five Benefits Homecare Offers to Free Your Time

Homecare: A family caregiver spends an average of 21 hours helping a parent.

If you also hold a full-time job, you’re at work and your parents’ house around 60 hours a week. If this sounds close to the amount of care you provide, it’s 38% of your time. You’re at work or helping your parents more than a third of the week. To stay healthy and avoid anxiety and emotional health issues, you also want to aim for seven or eight hours of sleep each night. Adding sleep, work, and your parents’ care brings you to almost 70% of your time each week. That leaves you 30% of a week to eat, run errands, clean your home, take care of your pets and children, and have time for yourself. Consider hiring homecare providers to help alleviate the workload on your shoulders.


Homecare in Yuba City CA: Homecare Services

Homecare in Yuba City CA: Homecare Services


If you haven’t weighed the benefits of home care, it’s long overdue. Home care offers one of the greatest ways to reduce your care schedule to have time for the things you enjoy doing. Here are five services that will free your time.


Do you find that driving to stores and pharmacies is time-consuming? Hire home care aides to run errands. You can order groceries and prescription refills for the caregiver to pick up.


Instead of trying to fit in time to mop floors, do the laundry, tidy up, and wash dishes, hire home care aides to do it. When you help your mom and dad, you aren’t spending time on these tasks. You can focus on quality time together on things like shopping for necessities and having lunch out.

Respite Care

Respite care is an aspect of home care that’s available now and then. You don’t have to sign up for daily services. Instead, you arrange to have professional caregivers help out now and then to enable you to take a break.


Do you have a hard time finding the time to call doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hairdressers, and contractors for your parents? It’s often easier to arrange these online, but many companies do not offer online scheduling. You could have a caregiver setting your parents’ appointments.


Driving your mom and dad to stores, local senior centers for social events, or to the doctor’s office requires you to take time off work. Instead of rescheduling your usual routine, arrange transportation services with aides.

You can arrange homecare services by reaching out to an agency. A specialist will walk you through the best services for your parents, the pricing, and how often home care is needed. Gather a list of questions and call.


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