How to Help Your Senior Stand and Sit Safely

You might find that your senior needs more help than she used to when she’s ready to sit and to stand. You can help her to perform both of these actions more safely, but you’ll need to be careful while you do so.


Homecare in Folsom CA: Help Senior To Stand and Sit Safely

Homecare in Folsom CA: Help Senior To Stand and Sit Safely


Get Your Senior into Position

Whether your senior is about to sit or about to stand, positioning matters. If she’s standing, help her to move closer to the seat, standing right in front of it with the backs of her legs against the edge. If she’s sitting, she should scoot forward to the edge of the chair so she can use that edge for leverage.


Bend Your Knees Slightly and Brace Yourself

While your senior positions herself, you need to get into place, too. Put yourself directly in front of her and bend your knees slightly. This is going to allow you to have the leverage that you need in order to help her to either sit or stand safely. You need to be braced to take her weight if she needs you to do so.


Hold out Your Arms for Her to Grasp

Your senior might be able to use grab bars or the arms of a sofa or chair to brace herself, but that’s not always the case. The next best option is for her to grab onto your arms. This is another reason for you to be braced and ready. Avoid grabbing your senior’s arms, because you can cause injuries that way without meaning to do so.


This Isn’t a Fast Process

You really don’t want to rush this entire process. It’s one that is going to take some time, especially as both of you get accustomed to what you’re doing. Take your time and just let your senior move at her own pace.


Watch How Senior Care Providers Do This

If you’re not already working with senior care providers, this might be a good time to get their help. They can show you tips and tricks to do this much more safely and easily than you might think. They have a lot of experience with helping seniors to maneuver safely and they can help with other tasks, too.

Practice really helps both you and your senior to get more comfortable with this process. She might not need your help every time she stands or sits, but you’ll know what to do if she does.


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