MAY – Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Sun Safety Tips Your Dad Cannot Ignore

Skin Cancer Awareness Month is a good time to talk to your dad about sun safety. By the time he reaches 70, there’s a 20 percent chance he’ll have skin cancer. He needs to be sensible when he spends time in the sun.


Homecare in Lincoln CA: Skin Cancer Awareness Month


Always Wear Sunscreen

He needs to wear sunscreen when he’s outside. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays happens even on cloudy days and if he’s in the shade, so he needs to keep that in mind. A broad-spectrum sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher is important.

When he applies sunscreen, he needs to put on enough of it. In general, the amount of sunscreen he uses should fill a shot glass. Most people fail to use enough. Another surprising fact about sunscreen is that he needs to put it on 15 minutes before going outside. His skin needs to have that time to absorb it.

If your dad goes into water or sweats a lot, sunscreen needs to be reapplied more often. He should be okay most of the time reapplying every two hours. After he gets out of a pool, lake, or other water sources, he needs to immediately reapply sunscreen.


Stay Out of the Sun During Peak Daylight Hours

When possible, he should stay out of the sun during the hours when the sun is highest. This is usually from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but it depends on where you live. If he has to be outside during those hours, he should wear long sleeves and limit the amount he’s out.

He could go outside for 15 minutes and head for shade for the next 15 minutes. Sunscreen is important no matter where he’s sitting.


Stay Hydrated

Sunny afternoons in the spring and summer often come with hot temperatures. He doesn’t want to overheat. Dehydration is another concern. Make sure he is staying cool and drinking plenty of water. Ideally, he should be drinking two liters per day.

If he’s active or sweating profusely, he needs to increase the amount he drinks. Three liters is better in that case. He wants to need to urinate every hour or two and have the urine be pale in color and not dark yellow. If it is darker, he needs to drink more.

Elder care services can help keep your dad safe in the sun all summer. If he loves to garden, a caregiver can remind him to apply sunscreen. The caregiver can help him apply it to hard to reach areas. Caregivers can also make sure he has plenty of water throughout the day. Call an elder care agency to schedule these and other services.

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