Bone Health Tips for the Elderly

Do you want to help your elderly loved one stay strong and mobile? If so, you need to help them to keep their bones healthy. There are numerous ways they can do this. Before giving your elderly loved one, these tips, be sure they know that if something is painful, they should stop and talk to their doctor about it as soon as possible.


Homecare in Marysville CA: Senior Bone Health Tips

Homecare in Marysville CA: Senior Bone Health Tips


Balanced Diet

If your elderly loved one is going to keep their bones strong, one of the things they need to do is to have a balanced diet. They need to get enough magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium. All of these things, when combined into a diet, can help the bones to stay strong.

Doing Exercises That Are Weight-Bearing

To keep bones healthy, your elderly loved one also needs to do weight-bearing exercises. They need regular exercise. This will strengthen the muscles and bones. Some of the weight-bearing exercises that could be good for your elderly loved one is climbing stairs, doing squats, elliptical machines, doing pushups, and practicing yoga. Using handheld weights and resistance bands are also an excellent choice for keeping the bones strong.

Improving Coordination and Balance

To protect the bones, your elderly loved one needs to improve their coordination and balance. If they don’t have great balance and they fall, there is more of a risk of fracturing or breaking a bone. However, if they can improve their coordination and balance, they are less likely to fall, reducing the risk of injuries to their bones.

Schedule Doctor’s Appointment

If your elderly loved one wants a more individualized plan for improving their bone health, you or their home care provider can schedule them a doctor’s appointment. Their doctor might want to do bloodwork, a bone density test, or other tests to help your loved one find the proper bone health management plan.

These are some of the things that your elderly loved one can do to keep their bones healthy. While everyone’s bones can get a little weaker as they age, that does not mean your elderly loved one has to sit around and let their body wear down. They can follow these tips and other ones to help keep their bones strong and healthy. Remind your elderly loved one if they have any pain in their bones, muscles, or joints to talk to their doctor about it as soon as possible.


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