Full Meals or Small Plates? Which is Better For Your Mom?

Full meals may not be as good for your mom as you might think. If she eats a large meal and then goes hours without having anything else, it impacts her in several ways. She’s likely to take more food than she needs. She may not be getting enough to drink during the lapses. It’s something you can easily remedy by introducing her to frequent small plates.


Homecare in Rocklin CA: Full Meals or Small Plates?


Six Meals a Day Helps With Portion Control Rocklin

When you sit down to eat and your stomach is empty, you’re more likely to take a larger portion. You want to satisfy your hunger. Portion control gets lost to the hunger your brain is focused on.

When you eat six small meals a day, you’re not as hungry. You’ve eaten a couple of hours ago. You’re going to have an easier time with portion control. Digestion takes place over approximately four hours. If you’ve gone four hours without eating, your stomach is empty. You’re likely to overeat.


Eating Every Couple of Hours Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

With three meals a day, your mom is going through highs and lows with her blood sugar levels. When they’re too high or too low, it affects her energy and her mood.

With six small plates spread out through the day, her blood sugar levels don’t fluctuate as much. She’ll end up feeling better and having more energy.


Breakfast Is Still the Key

After a full night’s sleep, which is ideally eight hours, your stomach is empty. It’s best to make breakfast the largest meal of the day for that reason. You need food for energy. If your mom can’t tolerate a big meal after getting up, she could break it up. Start with some fresh fruit and her tea or coffee. Move on to a whole-grain English muffin next. A short while later, she could have a yogurt smoothie.


What Can You Do to Help?

Ideally, your mom should be having a light meal every two or three hours. If she needs to stretch it, she should try to avoid going more than four hours without having a snack. It’s okay if she wants to have a light snack in the middle of the night. She could have some celery sticks and pita chips and go back to bed after rinsing her mouth.

Don’t let your mom skip meals and snacks. If she doesn’t enjoy cooking anymore or has a hard time remembering when she last ate, talk to a home care agency about caregivers. Caregivers can visit each day to cook meals, eat with her, and make sure she’s staying hydrated. Find out more by making a call.

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