Quick and Easy Personal Care Tips for Reducing the Risk of COVID-19

Despite restrictions being eased, COVID-19 is still out there. According to the CDC, between May 21st and May 22nd, there were 20,522 new cases. People with underlying medical conditions and who are older are still among the high-risk group of serious complications if they’re affected by the virus.


Homecare in Roseville CA: COVID-19 Tips

Homecare in Roseville CA: COVID-19 Tips


Personal care is the best way to avoid this virus. It’s not hard to reduce your risk. You and your parents must be proactive, however. These are the steps to take to keep avoiding this virus.

Stay at Home as Much as Possible

There are things your parents shouldn’t risk and their health is most important. While they may feel cooped up, they shouldn’t risk it. A trip to a quiet park to walk the trails is okay, but a trip to a crowded beach isn’t advisable.

Your parents should still stay at home as much as they can. If they need things like groceries or prescription refills, curbside pick-up is safer than going into the store. If they must go into the store, a face mask is important. They may feel fine, but they don’t know anything about the others in the store. Those people may have been to a large social gathering in the past few days and picked up the virus.

Wash Hands Often

Your parents need to keep washing their hands. If they use an ATM or keypad at a register, they need to use hand sanitizer until they can get to a sink. If they opened a business door using a handle, they need to use hand sanitizer.

Once they can get to a sink, they need to wash their hands. That means scrubbing with soap for a full 20 seconds, getting the suds between the fingers and under the nails. Ideally, they should suds their hands up to the wrists.

Sneeze and Cough Into Elbows

It’s also allergy season. If allergies affect your mom and dad, they’re going to be sneezing and coughing more often. If they have to, make sure they sneeze and cough into their elbow. They can wash a shirt or coat in the laundry to remove any saliva and germs.

Don’t Go to Your Parents’ House

If you feel sick or believe you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19, stay home. Don’t go out and run errands for your parents. Don’t go see them and hope for the best. Hire home care services to manage those tasks until you recover or know you’re not infected. Home care is easily arranged to meet your parents’ needs and can be adjusted in terms of frequency as needed.


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