An Average of Three People Die in a Fall Each Hour, But You Can Lower the Risk

Every hour, an average of three older people die in a fall. Falling can be caused by side effects of prescription medications, weaker muscles and bones, and joint pain from arthritis. You can help your parents lower their risk of a fall. These are the best ways to start lowering their risk.


Homecare in Sacramento CA: Lower Fall Risks For Seniors

Homecare in Sacramento CA: Lower Fall Risks For Seniors



Invest in Shoes That Fit Correctly

When shoes don’t fit properly, it can cause foot pain. They may also slide around on the feet and increase the risk of a twisted ankle and fall. Properly fitted shoes are important. Memory foam can help cushion the foot with each step, and a fit that is wide enough and long enough will make it easier to walk around.


Fix Home Hazards

Go through your parents’ house looking for common hazards. Loose carpeting and rugs, broken tiles, warped or rotted decking, dim lighting, and broken rails or steps are some of them. Fix anything that needs repair and add secure rails to stairs that don’t have them. Grab bars should be added near toilets and showers.


Go for an Eye Exam

Make sure your parents’ vision has been checked within the past year. If they can’t see, they’re more likely to fall or trip. Depth perception often worsens when Alzheimer’s disease is present, and curbs, stairs, and raised flooring can be dangerous. Talk to the eye doctor about ways to overcome issues with depth perception.


Attend Fitness Classes

Make sure your parents are taking fitness classes that help strengthen and tone muscles in the back, legs, and hips. It will help with balance. Tai Chi and Yoga are two classes that often suit older adults who need to build muscle without being too vigorous.


Improve the Diet

A diet rich in vitamin D, calcium, and protein helps with bone and muscle strength. Some of the best foods include fish like sardines and mackerel, dairy products, dried beans, and lean meats like chicken or turkey breast.


Check Side Effects of Medications

Go over your mom and dad’s prescription and over-the-counter medications. Look to see if the side effects include dizziness or drowsiness. Those two side effects can increase the risk of tripping or falling.

Have you considered hiring home care aides to help your parents throughout the week? Caregivers can help with some of the tasks that are more likely to lead to a fall. Call a home care agency to discuss schedules and rates and help keep your parents safe.


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