Homecare: Teach Your Mom Internet Safety on Data Privacy Day

Homecare: Data Privacy Day is a great day to go back over internet safety with your mom.

When she’s online, does she always follow safe internet practices? Spend time to discuss the best practices she should use when talking to others, shopping, or exploring online. Homecare services providers can help you with this.


Homecare in Auburn CA: Internet Safety

Homecare in Auburn CA: Internet Safety


Set Secure Passwords

Make sure your mom uses a secure password on websites that store sensitive information. Her name, birthday, and easy-to-guess passwords like “abc123” are not secure. A password generator can help her set a safe password. She should jot them down in a notebook that she stores in a secure place to keep track of them.

If she wants a password she’ll remember, have her pick her favorite book, song, or TV show and turn that into a password. If her favorite singer is Louis Armstrong, she will create it using a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, such as L0ui$Arm$tr0ng.


Use Alternative Payment Methods for Online Shopping

If your mom makes online purchases, talk to her about having an alternative payment method. When she uses an e-wallet, she can transfer funds from her bank or card to the e-wallet and use that for payments. The retailer or seller never has her card information.

Some credit card companies give a one-time-use virtual card number through their app or website. She uses that card to make the purchase, and the number gets disabled once her purchase clears. If she has a bank card with that option, it’s a safe way to shop online.

Her other option would be to get a reloadable debit or credit card. She can go to a retailer, fill the card with as much money as she needs, and use that card to buy items online.


Never Give Out Personal Information Online

If your mom meets someone new in a forum or social media, she needs to limit what she shares. She should never give out her date of birth, driver’s license information, address, or phone number. If anyone asks for her SSN or banking information, she should refuse and report it.


Make Sure She Has Opportunities to Socialize

One of the easiest ways to get your mom to avoid being scammed online is by making sure she’s not using the internet for socialization. Hire senior home care services and arrange companionship visits.

If she has a senior home care aide spending time with her, she’s less likely to go onto social media platforms where scammers search for victims. Learn more by calling an agency.


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