New Year’s Resolutions to Make With Your Dad This Year

Ring in 2020 with resolutions you and your dad can make together. Often, it’s easier to stick to a resolution if you have someone helping you through the challenges. Here are some resolutions to consider making and working on together.


Homecare in Yuba City CA: Senior New Year's Resolutions

Homecare in Yuba City CA: Senior New Year’s Resolutions


Get More Exercise

Everyone should aim for 30 minutes of exercise each day. It’s also best to mix up types of exercise. For example, you could go for a walk three days a week, swim one day a week, take a Tai Chi class twice a week, and end the week with weight training.

Sign the two of you up for a Tai Chi class together. Some days, you’ll have to exercise independently due to work and personal schedules. The rest of the time, join your dad for walks and other exercise routines.


Learn a New Hobby

One of the easiest ways to handle stress is by finding a hobby. Head to a hobby store with your dad and find something you both find appealing. Start the hobby together and see what you think.

You may find your interests differ. He may discover he loves knitting while you aren’t as delighted. You may find yourself fascinated by making candies while he finds it to be too much cooking. Keep trying new things until you find one, you both love.


Healthier Diet

Choosing healthier foods is one of the most popular resolutions. It’s also an easy one to keep. Focus on the things your dad should be eating. He needs a diet that focuses on lean proteins, fish and seafood with omega-3 fatty acids, fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and low-fat dairy.

Go through his refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards with him. Get rid of outdated and spoiled foods. Remove anything that is high in fat, sugar, sodium, or is overly processed. Donate unopened goods to the food shelf if they’re still within their expiration date. Compost and recycle packaging for items he’s opened.

It’s a great time to try new things. If your dad’s never had quinoa before, give it a try. He could see what he thinks of overnight oats or muesli for breakfast. As he finds new favorite foods, incorporate those into his healthier diet. Keep track of the things you try and love, too.


Does your dad hate cooking? He’s not alone. Many adults dislike spending time in front of the stove. That’s okay. Senior care services cover grocery shopping and meal preparation. He’ll be able to work with his caregiver to plan a menu, shop for the ingredients, and eat meals with him. A senior care representative can help you make arrangements.


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