How Does Home Care Assistance Work?

Home Care Assistance in Chico

Home Care Assistance in Chico

Your mom has always said she wants to stay in her home. She hates the idea of moving into a new home or neighborhood. You’re wondering if home care assistance is right for her? How does it work?

Ask Your Mom’s Advice

Talk to your mom about her daily routine. Where is she having the most difficulty? There may be things she can do on her own, but it takes longer than it used to, and she wishes she had help with those tasks.

For example, your mom may still cook her meals, but she has a hard time slicing and chopping meats and vegetables. If she had help, it wouldn’t be as tiring.

You also need to talk to her about her health. Does she have chronic health issues like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.? If so, what does her doctor do?

If she’s taking prescription pills, does she remember to take them or forget doses? Does she struggle to remember if she’s taken them, and finds herself having to count pills to make sure? Or, does she just take a pill anyway, even if it means she may double her dose for the day?

Does her doctor want her to change her diet? She has thinning bones, so she has to take vitamin D, but she’s also supposed to eat more calcium-rich foods. Is she doing as her doctor suggested? If she hates cooking, she may not get the right nutrients, and that’s a concern.

Have a Family Discussion 

Before you do anything, get the rest of the family together. You want to know how many family members visit your mom each week, what they help her do, and when she’s alone.

The point of this discussion is to raise awareness of areas where your mom needs help. Then, use how much help she’s currently getting as a guide to determine what else she needs.

Build a Schedule

Many online tools exist to help build to-do lists that you can share. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly lists on things like Google Calendar and share them with other family members. Thus, people who stop by to see your mom each week have a list of things that need to be done. If they have time, they take care of it and mark it as completed.

Talk to an Advisor

Now that you’ve learned more about home care assistance, sit down with your mom and ask her what would help her as she ages in her home. Once you have an idea, ask her if she has any questions about the help caregivers offer. Take that list of questions and call a specialist in home care assistance.

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