How Does In-Home Care Work if Your Mom Has a Dog?

In-Home Care in Folsom

In-Home Care in Folsom

Your mom needs a caregiver, but you have reservations. Her dog is shy around new people. Undoubtedly, that makes you wonder if it’s even possible to have a caregiver around. How does home care work if your mom has a dog in the home?

Consider Having the Dog Trained

Has your mom’s dog ever been through an obedience class? If not, it’s important to do that. This will work well in teaching the dog basic commands, but also helps the dog become socialized with other people and dogs.

Make sure you’re taking your mom’s dog on lots of walks outside to get the dog accustomed to being around people. The more socialization the dog has before the caregiver’s first day, the better it is for everyone.

Introduce the Dog to the Caregiver

On the first day, make sure you introduce the dog to the caregiver. Outside of the home is best. Let the dog meet the caregiver in neutral territory, and then bring them inside together. Have some treats or a new toy in hand for the caregiver to provide your mom’s dog to help smooth the introduction.

If the dog’s first meeting is positive, then it’s going to go well. Repeat this process for the first few days. You want the dog to look forward to the caregiver’s visits.

Have a Safe Place for the Dog to Go

If your mom’s dog is feeling particularly stressed, make sure he has a safe place to go to. On the whole, it’s better to have an area where the dog knows he can be alone. It might be a kennel or bed in a secluded area.

This is one of the better ways to help the dog adjust. As the dog becomes comfortable with the caregiver’s presence, the dog can start coming out on his own. Let him approach the caregiver at his pace. If you don’t force it, it will be a smoother process.

Be Sure to Ask

When you arrange in-home care services, make it clear your mom has a dog that is nervous around new people. If the dog has ever snapped at a stranger, you need to be responsible and crate the dog while the caregiver is in the home. At the very least, this needs to happen until the dog is comfortable with the caregiver’s presence.

You also want to make sure the caregiver that helps your mom is comfortable around pets. If the caregiver is scared of dogs, a different caregiver is a better choice. Don’t try to hide the fact that your mom has a pet when you’re making arrangements. It’s best to be upfront.

Talk to an in-home care agency and ask about their policies regarding dogs. You’d be surprised how often this question comes up, and there are ways around it. Call an in-home care agency to learn more.

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