How Home Care Assistance Can Help Your Senior Avoid Injury During Hot Weather

Home Care Assistance

Summer has started, and although this brings time to get outdoors and enjoy the sun, it is also time to worry about overheating and dehydration. Rising heat increases the risk of car crashes, asthma, heat stroke, and more. So, if your senior loved one is determined to age in place, it’s time to hire home care assistance to beat the hot weather and stay safe. Even if you don’t see your loved one often, home care assistance will give you peace of mind when thinking about your senior. These professionals can be hired for safety and assurance. Here are some ways you or home care assistance can help your loved one avoid injury during the summer heat.

Preventing Falls

Believe it or not, when a senior is in the heat and is affected by it, they can fall more. Falling can hurt a senior so badly and impact their ability to live alone. If your senior is wearing flip-flops, ask them to wear tennis shoes or sandals with secure straps that are not loose. If your senior has home care assistance, they can help your loved one strap on these shoes so they do not fall. They may also help ensure your senior always has something to drink so they do not overheat. These tasks will help prevent your senior from falling when it gets hot.

Heat Stroke

Before your senior ever gets thirsty, they should drink water every hour. If you’re unsure how much a senior should be drinking, this is something to ask the doctor. When you know how much a senior should consume, you can set up a water or fluids schedule to help your senior stay hydrated. This is one of the best ways to prevent heat stroke. It may already be too late if you wait until your senior is thirsty. Drinking water and staying in cooler areas outside are the best ways to prevent heat stroke.

Asthma Flareup

When the heat and humidity come during the summer, it can be challenging for seniors to move around, especially when they can’t breathe well. One of the best things to do before heading outside is to check the air quality for your loved one. Another thing you can do is to have the seniors carry their medication on them in case there is a flare-up while out of the house. The weather should not stop your loved one from going outside, but battling the heat and humidity can be an issue. Another good way to prevent this is by ensuring the house has an air conditioner where your loved one can cool off for at least part of the day.

Heart Strain

When your body overheats, your heart has to pump more blood to keep cool. This can lead to strain in and around the heart. If your senior already struggles with heart issues, keeping your senior in cool clothes, a shady area, and tons of water is important. Heart strain can lead to high blood pressure which can also cause falls and dizziness.

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