Is the Farmers Market a Healthy Alternative to the Grocery Store?

As summer quickly approaches, it will start getting warmer and nicer out. You may know you need to encourage your elderly loved one to get out more, but you may not know how to do that. Not all of you will live with your senior parent, and it may make it harder for you to tell them to get outside more. Seniors may also not want to go outside unless they have someone with them, in-home care is a great way to get some help.


In-Home Care in Chico CA: Food Safety

In-Home Care in Chico CA: Food Safety


One of the best ways to get outside during the summer is by going to the local farmer’s market. This will not only allow your senior mom or dad to move around but also be a time for them to grab foods they enjoy eating. However, when you love your elderly parent, you will also be concerned about their health and wonder if a farmer’s market is a good alternative to a grocery store? It truly depends on your senior.

Remember that if you’re not home with your senior, you can hire a professional like home care to help get your senior around. Home care can take your senior to the grocery store, farmer’s market, or other activities that may be crucial for living independently. There are several reasons to encourage home care to take your senior to the farmers market.


They Have Better Food

Farmer’s markets, on the whole, provide fresher and healthier food than most supermarkets. In terms of community health and well-being, having easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables is critical. According to one research, young individuals who live near farmer’s markets have lower BMIs. In contrast, those who live near fast-food chains have higher BMIs.


They Will Eat Locally, Which Can be Better for Health

Produce loses its nutritional value as soon as it’s picked. It takes an average of five days for a piece of product to travel 6,000 miles from Mexico or Chile to the United States. After that, it may wait on the supermarket shelves for up to three or four days before you can buy it. Because of this, your fruits and vegetables are up to 40% less nutrient-dense than when they were just picked. You’ll receive more nutrients from your food if you buy it straight from the farm.


Food Transparency is Better at Farmers Markets

Buying locally from smaller vendors allows you to ask questions and gain insight into how your food was grown and harvested. More information means you can make smart buying decisions for yourself and your family.


It Allows Them to Get Out Into the Community

Farmer’s markets unite people from all walks of life, regardless of color, class, age, or lifestyle. In addition, they provide greater opportunities for socializing. Surveys of farmer’s market customers in Los Angeles County suggest that 55% believe that the market fosters a sense of community and belonging.

It Supports the Local Economy, Which Can Make a Senior Feel Good

You may cast your vote with your wallet at farmer’s markets. Every peach and pea purchase will likely benefit small companies in your area rather than giant multinationals.


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