What Can Your Senior Do about Insomnia?

Insomnia, or being unable to sleep at night, can sneak up on your elderly family member.

She may find herself awake all night and struggling to stay awake during the day. This flipped sleep schedule can really wreak havoc on her health. Finding an answer to her insomnia might take some trial and error.


Caregiver in Chico CA: Insomnia

Caregiver in Chico CA: Insomnia


Make a List of What Else Is Troubling Her

Does your senior have any other symptoms? Sometimes other health issues can cause difficulty sleeping, so it might be that the insomnia is a secondary issue. Pain, depression, and chronic illnesses like COPD and GERD can all have an influence on your senior’s ability to sleep. Sitting down and writing out a full list of what’s bothering her can help with the next step.

Talk to Her Doctor

Your elderly family member needs to mention her insomnia to her doctor. There may be known side effects from medications or known issues due to her existing health issues that her doctor can help her to work through. Insomnia isn’t really something that your senior should try to soldier through alone because sleep is when her body is able to heal itself. Her doctor can offer some suggestions tailored to her experience.


Pay Attention to Her Daily Routines

Sometimes the problem is with your senior’s daily routines. Is she eating too late in the day or exercising in the late afternoon? Those activities can keep her body too “fired up” to truly be able to let go and fall asleep. Caffeine is another culprit that she might want to start limiting later in the day. Having a set bedtime and wake-up time can also help a great deal.


Look at Other Lifestyle Changes that Can Help

There may be other lifestyle changes that your senior can try, like learning about stress management techniques and relaxation therapies. Soaking in the tub before bed might help to relax your senior, for instance. Sipping herbal teas before bed can also be calming. If your elderly family member is a chronic napper, she might want to cut those out for a little while, to see if that helps her to sleep at night.

Insomnia can be exhausting and your senior might not have the energy she needs during the day to take the best care of herself. Hiring a caregiver can make a huge difference for her, especially if she needs a little help sticking with a new routine.


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