With over 25 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable office staff is available 24/7 to support our caregivers and our clients. Our team is comprised of professionals that understand the challenges that face our clients and their families, and strive to be responsive and dependable.

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Shaun Clinkinbeard 2.jpg

Shaun Clinkinbeard


Bobbi Murphy.jpg

Bobbi Murphy

Office Manager

Toni Young Care Coordinator-01.jpg

Toni Young

Care Coordinator

Terry Brown (Care Coordinator)  -01.jpg
Burt Wilson.jpg

Burt Wilson


Helen Singh.jpg

Helen Singh

Accounting / HR Manager

Rebecca Baumbach care coordinator -01.jpg

Rebecca Baumbach

Care Coordinator

Naomi Wilson Care Coordinator-01.jpg
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We are a locally-owned and operated family business with over 25 years of experience.

Bridget Hodkin.jpg

Bridgett Hodkin

Director of Client Relations

Melanie Knight.jpg

Melanie Knight

Accounting/HR Coordinator

Deanna Bowen Chico Office Manager-01.jpg

Deanna Bowen

Chico Office Manager 

Connie Coupe.jpg

Terry Brown

Care Coordinator

Catie Goorman (Staffing Coordinator)-01.jpg

Catie Gorman

Staffing Coordinator

Kelsie Hughes staffing coordinator-01.jpg

Kelsie Hughes

Staffing Coordinator

Stefanie Mills-Wise (Recruiting Coordinator)-01.jpg

Stefanie Mills-Wise

Recruiting Coordinator

Sue Graue.png

Sue Graue

Office Assistant

Naomi Wilson

Care Coordinator

Patricia Kirby-Amant Staffing coordinator -01.jpg

Patricia Kirby-Amant

Staffing Coordinator

Dawnielle Ford Recruiting Coordinator-01.jpg

Dawnielle Ford

Staffing Coordinator

Sasha Jones Recruiting Coordinator-01.jpg

Sasha Jones

Recruiting Coordinator

Connie Coupe

Care Coordinator

Rena Robinson.jpg

Rena Robinson

Staffing Coordinator

Peter Stack Marketing Coordinator-01.jpg

Peter Stack

Marketing Coordinator 

Susan Bolin.png

Susanne Bolin