Mothers Inspiring Others



Want some true stories about aging with an attitude? Thinking about Mother’s Day and moms who embrace life beyond breakfast in bed, flowers, and candy from the kiddos, we found some amazing examples for evolving an outlook towards aging and late-life accomplishments.

Meet the moms:

Lucille Singleton – a mom who started running in her late sixties and ran her first marathon when she was 75. A widow, with children living in another state, Lucille is comfortable fending for herself and she’s unafraid of making changes. Her diabetes and frequent dialysis don’t get her down – she says she keeps her body busy “at all times” and hasn’t stopped.

Edith Connor – a mother of three, grandmother of seven, and great grandmother of six. At age 79, she held the Guinness Book of World Records title as the Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder. She hits the gym several times a week to stay competitive.

Harriette Thompson – a grandmother of 10, ran a marathon at age 91 and recorded the fastest time by a woman 90 or older. She ran the race with her 55-year old son at an average of 16:19 minutes per mile. It was slower than she would have wished but the recent radiation treatment on her legs to treat squamous cell carcinoma slowed her training. Six days before her marathon, she and her 90-year old husband ran a 5K together.

Ernestine Shepherd – a grandmother holding the title as the world’s oldest female bodybuilder at age 75. She didn’t dedicate her entire life to fitness, and wants you to know, “you can start at any age.” At age 56, Ernestine went swimsuit shopping with her sister and while trying on suits and laughing at themselves, she realized it was time to get in better physical shape. She takes no medications and has no aches or pains. She trains mostly senior women five days a week, inspiring them to reach their physical potential.

Jackie Stallone – Sylvester’s mom, astrologer and psychic, lifts weights, pumps iron, and does cross-fit training. She wants to be a role model for movie stars at age 50 because they dread getting old and Hollywood fears age. According to her official website, she was the first woman to have a daily TV show on exercise and weight lifting in Washington, D.C. and later opened a gym for women-only.

These are wonderful examples of seeing life and aging as an adventure – whatever we want for ourselves without regard to the number of years we’ve been living or health challenges. A long-held dream or wish can be realized, as it is never too late when you believe it is possible. Find a mentor, coach, or role model, and get started on your dream path.

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Shaun Clinkinbeard