Personal Care At Home: How to Make Your Home Safer for the Elderly

Personal Care At Home: Making a safer place for a senior and evaluating your loved one’s ability to age in place safely is a complex process.

In surveys, more than 75 percent of elderly adults wish to live in their homes rather than to move someplace else or in some facility. However, each and every senior’s needs differ and affect their independence in their home. Here comes the role of personal care at home– their professional knowledge and customized plans for every senior will help your parent feel a little more safe and secure.


Personal Care At Home: Home Safety

Personal Care At Home: Home Safety


Tips for home safety for seniors:

There are certain procedures to redecorate the inside of your home to ensure the safety of your loved ones:

-Remove fall hazards: 

Falls are the greatest cause of injuries to seniors. If you can minimize the falling tendency for your loved ones then you can reduce their risk of getting injured. FTo reduce fall risk, you need to clear common passages and widen the bathroom door and avoid using rugs or carpets.


-Assess the bedroom:

The bedroom of your loved one should be tidy. No unnecessary clutter should be kept. Moreover, the bed and its surroundings should be as free as possible from obstacles.


-Ensure a safe bathroom:

Bathrooms are the most common site of falls. Due to their slippery nature and hard surfaces, bathrooms are very prone to accidents for seniors. So, you need to ensure that the bathroom should always be dry and the space should not be cluttered and people can move freely.


-Asses indoor lighting: 

As the years go by, vision gradually weakens. So, even in a familiar atmosphere they often stumble due to bad light. It is very crucial to have good visibility and indoor lighting to help your senior maneuver freely.


-Stairs and uneven flooring: 

It is advisable to have fewer stairs and no uneven flooring inside to help your seniors walk freely in their home. The less your loved one needs to climb stairs or remember to steady themselves every time they walk on an uneven surface, the less their chance of falling.


-To be in touch:  

If you are in regular touch with your loved ones, it can boost the morale of your seniors and prevent them from feeling left alone or abandoned.


Personal Care At Home: Conclusion: How to Make Your Home Safer for the Elderly

Finally, home safety for seniors means checking in with your loved one. You, together with your loved one’s neighbours and personal care at home aide, can help to make sure they are safe. Not only that, personal care at home can ensure they have a proper daily plan and that their safety is ensured inside. Personal care at home can increase the quality of life alongside ensuring seniors to be able to stay in their homes for a longer period of time.

If you are interested in seeing whether personal care at home is right for you and your senior, give us a call today and review your options!


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