Recognizing and Addressing Depression in Seniors

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It’s more important than ever to take care of our loved one’s mental and emotional health as they get older. Seniors often suffer from depression. This problem is often ignored but can have a big effect on their quality of life. This blog post will talk about the signs that a senior is depressed. It will also give loved ones and the home care team ideas on how to support them and help them get through this tough time.

What are the Signs of Depression for Seniors?

It’s important to understand that depression manifests differently in each individual, but the signs below are some of the most common. The most important thing is to watch for these signs without hovering, which is why having home care as part of the support team is crucial. They are not only trained to watch for these same signs, but seniors may feel less of a need to hide their feelings from them.

  • Persistent Sadness or Irritability: Seniors who are depressed may have a bad mood that won’t go away, a sense of hopelessness, or more anger. It can be harder to spot these feelings in older people because it has long been thought that these are simply normal reactions to getting older. This isn’t the case, however, which is why getting to the bottom of the behaviors is critical.
  • Changes in Sleep Habits: Insomnia, sleeping too much, or having trouble sleeping can all be signs of sadness. It’s important to watch for changes in their sleep patterns, as they can also point to other concerns.
  • Loss of Interest in Activities: If a senior stops doing things they used to enjoy or talking to other people all of a sudden, it could be a sign of sadness. Loss of interest in activities or even personal care can be a sign of trouble. With support from the home care team, loved ones gain insight into the possible root cause and can seek help for seniors if needed. For instance, do they no longer want to go to their water aerobics class because their friend can no longer do it, or are they avoiding it due to depression?
  • Changes in Appetite: Like all of us, being depressed can make seniors lose or gain weight. If their eating habits change or they lose interest in food, it could mean that they are emotionally upset, but it could also mean something else is going on. This is another way that the home care team can assist by monitoring food intake and looking for possible triggers.

How can Loved Ones and Home Care Help?

It’s essential to create a space where seniors can talk freely. The support team can encourage them to talk about their worries and feelings without fear of being judged. It’s also important not to be too pushy. With proper monitoring by home care, they can assess the root of the issue. Once they have a better picture of what might be going on, it will be easier to get seniors talking by opening up about their concerns. This way, seniors don’t feel as if they’re complaining. It also helps seniors understand that they have a caring support team by their side.

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