Remodeling Your Dad’s Bathroom? Make Sure You Set Up the Project for Success

In-Home Care in Roseville

In-Home Care in Roseville

Your dad’s finally remodeling his bathroom. You want to ensure the project goes smoothly, and that he has a safe bathroom for aging at home. What ensures the remodel delivers the safety he needs?

Waterproof, Textured Flooring Helps Prevent Slips and Falls

Start with the flooring. Tiles may look nice, but when wet they become slippery. Instead, invest in waterproof vinyl plank or tile flooring. Many of them are textured to keep them from being slippery.

There are flooring options that can be glued to the sub-flooring or click-and-lock versions. Whatever you choose, make sure it states it is waterproof, and feel a sample to ensure the texture meets your preferences.

Install Grab Bars for Support

Grab bars are essential for your dad’s safety. If he needs support stepping in and out of the shower or while standing up from the toilet, a grab bar provides it. Secure grab bars to the wall studs near the toilet and on the wall near where he exits the shower.

Install one inside the shower too. You may need to get one with suction cups for inside the shower if he has a fiberglass or acrylic tub/shower combination.

Get a Shower Seat for Use When He’s Not Feeling Strong

He may be fine right now standing while he showers, but what if he’s sick? What if his arthritis pain is acting up? Would he risk a fall trying to take his morning or evening shower?

A shower seat with suction cups on the bottom is handy. When not needed, it’s kept in the closet. When he needs it, he has one available. There are shower seats that can be secured to the wall and lowered when needed. The rest of the time, the seat folds up against the wall.

Add Better Lighting

Obviously, a brightly lit bathroom is better at fall prevention. In many bathrooms, the lighting is away from the shower area due to the humidity. This can create a darker, shadowy shower stall. Change the lighting to address this concern.

If there are no shadowy corners, your dad’s less likely to stub his toe on something low to the ground. LED light fixtures are energy-efficient and bright, making them a good addition to the bathroom. Within the shower stall, a wireless LED shower light can improve visibility and safety.

Hire In-Home Care Aides

A renovated bathroom heightens your dad’s safety, but so does an in-home care aide. If he’s having a harder time managing some of his daily tasks, it’s time to look at the benefits of having caregivers available to help him. Call an in-home care agency and learn more about personal care and companionship services.


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