Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy

Damage to your elderly family member’s nervous system can seriously hinder his ability to do certain things and to enjoy his life. Most often neuropathy is a result of diabetic damage, but there can be other causes.


Senior Care in Auburn CA: Peripheral Neuropathy

Senior Care in Auburn CA: Peripheral Neuropathy


Here are some things that can help.

-Get Some Medical Advice

Your senior’s doctor can recommend a variety of different treatments. There may be some medications that can help. Other techniques, like massage or starting an exercise program, might be able to help, too. One of the biggest things that your senior can do in order to manage neuropathy is to keep his blood sugar under control as much as possible. Regular testing at home is crucial and elderly care providers can help your senior with this if he has trouble.


-Start Setting Goals that Make Sense

In order to get where he wants to go, your elderly family member needs to have some goals. He’s going to have some bad days, but he’ll also experience days that are relatively pain-free, especially if he’s continuing to work toward his goals. He may not be able to do all of the same things that he’s done in the past, and that needs to be something that he gets okay with so that he can focus on what he can do still.


-Stress Makes Neuropathy Worse

Stress makes everything worse, of course, but it can especially make neuropathy worse. Learning how to use stress relief and general relaxation techniques can be a key component of your senior’s neuropathy management plan. Having help with daily living activities can be immensely helpful, so giving elderly care services a try might be something else to consider.


-Cut Back on Anything Else that Makes Neuropathy Worse

Every individual responds to certain stimuli and inputs differently. If your elderly family member has had an alcoholic beverage every day for most of his adult life, he may not see it as something that could be impacting his neuropathy at all. But cutting back on alcoholic drinks, too much sugar, or smoking could all be good for his neuropathy. Talk to him about what he might be willing to give up to feel a little bit better.


Managing neuropathy successfully may take some trial and error for you and your senior. Take your time and if one solution doesn’t work, another one might. Don’t give up too easily because the right answer might be just around the corner.


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