How Can You Help When Your Senior Is Socially Isolated?

Social isolation and loneliness can be devastating to your senior’s mental well-being. The problem is often that she doesn’t notice how isolated she’s become until she starts to feel the negative impact. You can do a lot to help her.


Senior Care in Folsom CA:Senior Social Isolation

Senior Care in Folsom CA: Senior Social Isolation


Her Health Might Be Part of the Problem

Your senior’s health can affect every part of her life, even her social life. If your elderly family member’s health has been causing her issues, there are likely other concerns, too, on a mental and emotional level. Health issues can cause your elderly family member to be too exhausted to be able to spend time with other people. Or she might feel embarrassed about needing help, especially if your senior has always been self-sufficient.


Help Her to Find Hobbies She Likes

Another problem your elderly family member might run into is that she’s having a more difficult time doing some of the hobbies that she used to love. That can mean that she’s not spending time around people who also love those hobbies. Finding new hobbies, that are ones she can do with her current ability levels, is a good idea.


Use Some More Creativity about Helping Her Socialize

It might help to think outside of the box when you’re trying to build up your senior’s social life. She may not feel very comfortable with the idea of making new friends, especially if she’s been a little bit isolated for a while now. Find out how much socialization your senior really wants. If what she’s wanting is a little more interaction with family members, figure out how to do that. If she is interested in meeting new people, attending local events more often can help quite a bit.


Make Sure Transportation Isn’t Holding Her Back

One of the tools your senior might be missing in her quest to avoid self-isolating for too long is often transportation. If your senior can’t drive safely any longer, she’s going to need other forms of transportation. Having elder care providers handling the driving can mean that she’s far more mobile than she has been in a long time. That could make all the difference in terms of her being willing to socialize.

Being even a little more social than she is right now can make a big difference in your senior’s mental and physical health. It can take some trial and error to find the right answers.


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