Is Your Elderly Loved One Resisting Care?

Have you been providing care for your elderly loved one? Have they recently been resisting care?

There are many elderly people who resist care for a variety of reasons. As a family caregiver or elderly care provider, it is important to learn how to better handle this issue. Whether your elderly loved one is resisting being transported, taking their medications, or resisting something else, you can help. Learn the best tips on how to handle it when your elderly loved one is resisting care.


Senior Care in Folsom CA: Elderly Loved One Resisting Care

Senior Care in Folsom CA: Elderly Loved One Resisting Care

Understanding Them

One of the best things you can do if your elderly loved one is resisting care is to better understand them. Your elderly loved one likely wants to know that you understand what they are thinking and feeling. Many elderly people think that getting help means they aren’t in control of things any longer. You can find different ways to help your loved one realize that you aren’t taking over their life. You just want to help them.

Addressing the Reasons Your Loved One Needs Help

Before your elderly loved one resists care, it is best to explain to them why they need help. For instance, if your elderly loved one can’t remember to take their medications, you can remind them that an elderly care provider is able to manage their medications. If your elderly loved one is already resisting care, talk to them about their needs. Ask them if they have any suggestions about how to handle those needs.

Proper Timing

If you are going to talk to your elderly loved one about their inability to accept help, do it when they are in a good mood. The timing can make all the difference. If your elderly loved one is in a bad mood when you try talking to them, this is likely to make them even more resistant to help.

Pay Attention to Their Preferences

You could make things better for your elderly loved one by listening to their preferences. For instance, if they prefer a certain elderly care provider over another one, try your best to get the person they like and connect with. If you listen to your elderly loved one’s preferences when arranging their care, they may be much more accepting of the help you are trying to provide them.


These are some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one if they are resisting care. If there are still issues after all of these attempts, you might need to speak with their doctor. There could be a medical reason why your elderly loved one is resisting care.


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