Senior Care: Healthy Aging Starts With A Healthy Home

Senior Care:  September is Healthy Aging Month! And healthy aging for seniors who want to age in place starts at home.

That makes September the perfect time to make some home adjustments and improvements that will help your senior loved one stay safe and healthy at home. Often seniors live in older homes, possibly even homes they’ve owned for decades, that really need to be adapted to fit the needs of seniors as they age. Senior care providers can help with this.


Caregiver in Marysville CA: Healthy Aging

Caregiver in Marysville CA: Healthy Aging


Some of the best improvements that you can make to help your senior loved one age in place are:

Widening Doorways

Even if your senior loved one isn’t using a walker or wheelchair now there is the possibility that they will need one in the future. Often older homes have small narrow doorways that are too small to comfortably fit a walker or a wheelchair through. Get a contractor to assess your home and see if any of the doorways can be widened and if so get that done. If your senior loved one does end up needing a walker or a wheelchair it will be a big relief to have the doorways widened before it your loved one needs a walker or wheelchair.


Installing Carpet

Area rugs can be a dangerous tripping hazard, but bare floors can cause serious injuries to injuries if they were to fall. Have some high-quality carpet installed in your senior loved one’s home so that they will have a soft, even, safe surface to walk on that also will be a soft place to land if they fall. If your senior parents’ home already has carpet make sure that the carpet is getting cleaned regularly because carpet can be a big source of allergens.


Putting Stair Tread On All Stairs

Stair treads don’t look very stylish but they can save your senior loved one’s life. If your senior loved one is still able to go up and down the stairs, the stair treads will ensure that they don’t slip and fall while using the stairs. They will also help keep your senior home care provider safe as they are doing laundry, cleaning, helping your senior loved one with personal care and doing other tasks.


Improve The Lighting

Lighting is very important for home safety. A large number of seniors experience low vision even if they can still see so adding more light will help prevent accidents and help your senior loved one with healthy aging at home. Install hallway lights near the floor in all the hallways so that your senior loved one is able to see where they are going at night. Put undercabinet lights in the kitchen and upgrade the lighting in the bathroom. Make sure that all lights have long cord pulls or easy-to-flip switches so that seniors with arthritis or poor grip strength will be able to easily turn them on and off.



Installing security alarms is essential for healthy aging at home because your senior parent needs to be able to get help in a flash if they need it. Senior alarms will let you or a senior care provider know when your loved one needs help.


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