Caregivers Celebrate National Parents Day

It is common for a senior to have a family member, likely an adult child, as his or her caregiver.
As caregiver, the child may not have time to reflect on the important role their parents played in their lives. Not only did parents bring them into the world, but also helped to shape them into who they are today. The well-being and development of the larger society depends on the upbringing of its children.


Senior Care in Rocklin CA: National Parent’s Day

Senior Care in Rocklin CA: National Parent’s Day


Parents create the “family values” which are espoused by the culture at large, and thus become the backbone of modern civilization. July 28 gives caregivers an opportunity to shift from caretaker of a senior to loving child of a parent. It is National Parents Day, a day to celebrate the contributions of parents in their role in building the culture of the country.


About National Parent’s Day

In 1994 President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution introduced by Republican Trent Lott establishing National Parent’s Day. The resolution was to recognize the “uplift and support of parents in the process of kids’ upbringing.” Celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday in July, National Parent’s Day is used as a time to reflect on relationships with parents. Parents’ actions shape how their children see life and people; they teach the ability to cope with their surroundings, which is a useful skill for a caregiver.

National Parent’s Day is also a good time for parents and caregivers to reflect on the adage “perfection is the enemy of the good.” There are instances when parents seek the perfect solution to a problem with their child, rather than finding a “good” solution quickly. Much like parents, caregivers, too, want to be perfect for those they care for, especially when caring for parents, and may mentally drain themselves to do so. Yet, caregivers should remember that good care is better than bad or no care and doing the best they can for a loved one what matters.


What to do for National Parents Day?

The idea of National Parents Day is to recognize parents for their contributions to society through their children showing love, respect, and appreciation for the “years of service.” Yet, family caregivers celebrate the lives of their parents each day they care for them. On this day, caregivers can forgo the typical daily chores and spend quality time with their parent in the role of their child. National Parents Day provides a good opportunity to:

Organize and reflect on old pictures: Nostalgia is important in producing good feelings in families.


Tell parents, “You were right.”: Everyone likes to hear that they were correct, but to a parent, knowing the advice imparted to a child is being used wisely is extra special.

Ask for their best piece of advice: Seniors have vast amounts of wisdom of which they still wish to share, making them feel useful.

Write “Thank You” letters: Siblings and grandchildren can write letters to parents recognizing the role parent played in their lives.


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