Senior Safety: How to Do an Initial Safety Sweep of Your Senior’s Home

Senior Safety: The key to getting a handle on safety concerns for your elderly family member is to start doing safety sweeps.

These let you quickly find and correct senior safety concerns quickly and easily. They’re a lot easier with some help.


Senior Care in Rocklin CA: Senior Safety

Senior Care in Rocklin CA: Senior Safety


Get to Know the Items Your Senior Uses Often

Do you already know what your elderly family member uses often? If not, you might want to make sure that you go through each room and learn what she needs and uses the most. That way you can make sure that those items are stored in, accessible locations. This might require a little bit of rearranging, but that’s worth it if your senior is no longer putting herself in danger to get items she uses often for her senior safety.


Look to See if Anything Is in Danger of Toppling Over

It’s also important to notice whether anything looks as if it could fall over. This might be stacks of items or it could be actual furniture. If your elderly family member has lived in the same place for a long time, she might have had some furniture for decades. While it might be sturdy, nothing lasts forever and there might be damage to some furniture that could cause it to come crashing down.


Check to See if Furniture Is an Obstacle

Your senior’s furniture might also be an obstacle. That’s especially true if any of her furniture is sticking out in any main pathways. It’s possible that you and your elderly family member need to talk about rearranging some of her furniture. She may not need some of the furniture in her home anymore, and if it’s in the way, it may have to go. That can be a difficult idea for your elderly family member to get on board with, though, so you may have to exercise quite a bit of patience.


Senior Safety: Identify Potential Tripping Hazards, Including Cords and Clutter

It’s not just the big things that can cause trouble for your senior. There are also smaller tripping hazards, like bits and pieces of clutter and electrical cords, among other things. When you can get a solid handle on these potential tripping hazards, your senior’s home is just that little bit safer.
Something else that can help a lot with safety for your senior at home is to hire senior care providers. They can help you to spot possible safety concerns and get them corrected for your senior.


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