What Can You Do if Your Senior Has Edema?

Edema sounds like a complicated term, but it really just means that there’s swelling in a part of your senior’s body.
Most commonly, edema occurs in the lower legs. It can be very common for people with lung and heart conditions, but there are other reasons your senior might experience this condition.


Senior Care in Roseville CA: Edema Help

Senior Care in Roseville CA: Edema Help


Start Tracking Her Water Intake

The last thing your senior might want to do if she seems to be retaining water is to drink more water, but that’s often part of the problem. If you and your senior start to track her water intake, you can get a better picture of how much water she’s getting and whether that intake should be bumped up a bit. Talk to her doctor about how much water is a good goal.


Encourage Her to Move a Bit More Regularly

If your elderly family member isn’t moving very much, that can contribute to edema. Even if she’s just sitting in her favorite chair, encourage her to wiggle her feet and toes every now and then. Assuming she’s able, encourage her to get up and to walk around a little more often, too. These small actions can help to get the fluid moving up and out of her extremities and back into the rest of her body.


Soak with Some Salts

Something else that might help is a soak with some Epsom salts. That’s typically something your aging family member might do if she’s worked her muscles too hard, but the magnesium in Epsom salts can also help to reduce edema. It only takes a little sprinkle of Epsom salts in a warm tub. Your senior can soak for as long as she’s comfortable.


Try on Some Compression Socks

Another tool that can help might be compression socks. These are socks that are a little tighter than “regular” socks. They usually fit over the calf and they gently squeeze your senior’s lower legs to help keep fluid from pooling in her feet and lower legs. Talk to your senior’s doctor about whether this is a good option for her.


Elevate the Problem Area

If the edema isn’t very frequent, you may find that encouraging your senior to prop up her feet is enough to help keep the swelling under control. This can be especially helpful if your elderly family member has been standing around more than usual or if she’s overexerted herself.

Edema can make a lot of daily activities more difficult. If that’s the case for your senior, you may find that bringing in elderly care providers is a huge help.


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